Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bro Tide Bro

(And thanks to my anonymous friend for such a wonderful title that explains this so well...)

You know, I've talked a number of times about the concept that the only reason many schools exist is for their athletic factories...

I just never thought it would be so blatantly ADMITTED by the University of Alabama and everyone around it:

OT Cam Robinson and DB Lawrence "Hootie" Jones were arrested in January on stolen gun and drug charges.

Citing a lack of evidence (ROTFL!), Monroe, LA Village Idiot District Attorney Jerry Jones had this to say to KNOE Channel 8 of Monroe, LA on the subject:
"I want to emphasize once again that the main reason I'm doing this is that I refuse to ruin the lives of two young men who have spent their adolescence and teenage years, working and sweating, while we were all in the air conditioning."

Admitted, open-faced, that the athletes can do whatever the fuck they want.

And even another part of all this is that this is a LOUISIANA DA doing this for the University of Alabama and their football team, on top of the fact that they basically just laid carte blanche for rape, pillage, and plunder by every (meaningful!) football player within the sound of his voice and the pen of his jurisdiction on everything in their path.

It is obvious that, eventually, some aggrieved party is just going to have to go to a stadium and go off.

It is obvious that only those with "legitimate purpose" to the outside society have any rights whatsoever, the rest of us having none.

This (along with that ex-Stanford swimmer - who I intend to blog about to soon when I can wrap my brain around the entire situation!) is another reason we need to abolish the American sports machine as it currently exists.

And it's also obvious that, regardless of Alabama's record on the football field this year, the CFP Committee needs that sentence in front of them when the decisions are made as to who plays whom.


Rio Olympics: PLEASE Cancel Them Already!!

Three Olympic updates, all with ominous effects on the Rio Games:
  • Rio itself has declared a state of emergency on it's finances and might not be able to meet it's Olympic financial obligations.  (Deadspin)
  • Today, the weightlifting organizers have announced provisional measures to disqualify Russia from the weightlifting competition.  Kazakhstan and Belarus are also subject to such a ban.  Reasoning:  Doping.
  • Of course, the Russian disqualification from weightlifting might be moot:  By July 15, WADA is supposed to receive a report on the accusations of the state-sponsored doping and test-evasion program which is believed to have inflated the medal count at the Sochi Homophobe-lympics.  WADA's recommendation will probably, then, be for the International Olympic Committee to blanket-ban Russia from the Rio Games.
  • As of today (at an extraordinary summit for the Olympics vis-a-vis doping), however, it appears that Russia (and also Kenya) will be subject to having every athlete tested (at the individual sport level) by independent investigators before they would be allowed to compete in Rio de Janeiro.  (The Guardian)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

How TPTB think we can be so stupid...

A firm in China is selling...  these...

Without further comment except to thank my anonymous friend for the info and that many other places are reporting this too:

And now, the real dumpster fire begins...

Golden State, through arrogance and pigheadedness, threw away a 73-9 season and Cleveland is the champions.

Now, it's not a question of if people are gone off the Warriors, but how many...

Russia, Sports, and State-Sponsored Terrorism

Has not been a good week for Russia lately, and I have a feeling something further is about to go down as a result...
  • I've already covered the threatened Russia disqualification from Euro 2016.  It is now clear, to most, that the hooliganism efforts of the Russian ultra-violent soccer fans is state-sponsored terrorism.
Some of the reactions from the Russian officials regarding the unrest for the England match were quite disturbing (from a Deadspin article after the Russia-England unrest last weekend):
  1. From Igor Lebedev, on the executive committee of the Russian Football Union:  “I don’t see anything wrong with the fans fighting.  Quite the opposite, well done lads, keep it up!”
  2. Later, he went and doubled down:  “In nine out of 10 cases, football fans go to games to fight, and that’s normal. The lads defended the honour of their country and did not let English fans desecrate our motherland. We should forgive and understand our fans.”
  3. And then there's this:

To wit, I have one response:  #ShootBack

So now, today, British politicians are stating that some of the hooligans in France are actually Russian uniformed police who are acting on Vlad Putin's orders to disrupt Euro 2016.  This is an ominous situation for the World Cup in two years, which I would have to believe most of the organized world is about to boycott as a result.

This would stand to reason.  The state-sponsored doping and intimidation tactics to desecrate the Homophobe-lympics in Sochi were also part of what is becoming evident as Putin's concept of "hybrid warfare" -- extend the violent reach internationally while using propaganda to hold the line on the homeland front.

Oh, that...
  • The Russian track disqualification from Rio 2016 has been upheld by the IAAF this week.  The IOC officially supports this disqualification.
And it needs to be quickly followed by an IOC removal of the entire Russian team from the event.

Word is, they're not boycotting.
If you think this doesn't end violently -- you're funny.

Actually, you're not funny, but you better get that point and get it fast, world sports community.

And here might be the consummation of the Copa America mess...

Nice job, Mexico.  SEVEN-NOTHING to Chile.

Chile won the last Copa America, so that stands to reason.  But with the USA now having Argentina in the way of the final, one has to think it's a Chile-Argentina final, right?

The one saving grace:  The quarterfinal at the finals' site DID draw 79,000.  The USA quarterfinal only drew 47,000, but the stadium in Seattle only seats 39,000 for soccer unless they expand it.

But can they get 80,000 for the final in East Rutherford if (and I hope ONCE) Messi and Argentina take the Red, White, and Blue and make them their bitch to the tune of about 4-0 or so?

Am I the only person with Bay Area ties who thinks...

... Cleveland is going to win tonight and they will (IF NECESSARY!!!) get help to do so?

I was going to post this last night, but a crazy neighborhood and an uncooperative police department are making things a bit sticky around here.

Anyway, Steph Curry's wife needs to shut up about the series being rigged, but she may be eventually right -- but not for the reason you might think coming from this former (and future) resident of the Bay Area...

The shine is off the Warriors and everybody, save the Bay Area (and, apparently, Miami) wants them to lose tonight -- and that might be enough that (if and only if required -- and it may not be) Cleveland might finally break the drought and 73-9 will go for naught...

As it now deserves to be.

Golden State, who the fuck do you think you are?  Curry should be banned for tonight's game for throwing something into the stands (liability risk, if nothing else!), Draymond Green should've been banned for at least both games 5 and 6, and the entire shine has come off the Warriors.

We can discuss when this idiocy started (some think when they got win #73, I'm thinking more Western Conference Finals, others have other opinions), but the fact is, as Rusty correctly puts it, between the unsportsmanlike conduct of the Warriors and the Cleveland championship drought, the heel turn is complete.

Tonight's game might be the biggest in recent NBA history.  A Warrior win probably makes them considered the greatest (single-season) team of all time.  A Warrior loss probably breaks this team up, Draymond Green first, Harrison Barnes to follow.

A Cleveland win breaks the drought.  A Cleveland loss has an albatross around the team's and city's neck, as well as it's favorite NBA son.