Thursday, March 26, 2015

Religious Lunacy and Sports

The NCAA is under fire today.

In nine days, the NCAA is supposed to hold the Final Four in Indianapolis.

As of this morning, many GLBT groups are rightly calling for the NCAA to pull out.

The state of Indiana has become the latest state to jump into the "the right of religion gives me the right to discriminate against gays as a function of my relationship with God" farce by signing into law exactly that right -- the right of any business in Indiana (which would include the NCAA itself, whose offices are in Indianapolis) to discriminate against GLBT people on the basis that no one has a right to infringe upon the religious beliefs of any person (corporate or otherwise), or their ability to practice it.



Let me tell you how far this is about to go.  There's a fucking idiot in Huntington Beach, CA -- a lawyer who should be disbarred and jailed (and, if he isn't, he could well end up shot within the next 3 months or so!) for actually proposing a ballot initiative in the state of California to execute gay people, giving individual citizens the right to do so if the state fails to execute every gay person in the state within one year of passage (which would place that date around November of 2017).  To even support gay rights in California is a million-dollar fine, 10 years in state prison, and expulsion from the state!

And since this Old Testament JACKASS filed it, California Attorney General Kamala Harris (the former DA of San Francisco, from which I post this today)  has to go to court and HOPE she can get the court to rule that she is not forced to put this barbaric piece of shit on the track for 360,000 signatures to put it on the 2016 General Election ballot.

Even putting out the signatures WILL kill people -- and THAT is the bullshit that members of the GLBT community are up against -- and THAT is why there are people today demanding the NCAA pull the Final Four out.

They won't.  Let's not fool ourselves.  The homophobia in the American Sports Machine is quite alive and well.

Why?  The people like Darren Sharper -- and those at the University of Oregon, as reported by Deadspin today.

A University of Oregon student was raped by three members of the 2013-14 basketball team.  The school actually found them guilty, but there was a catch:  The students were still allowed to play in Oregon's run in the 2014 NCAA Tournament.

Two months ago, the victim sued the University, not only for that fact and not only for the fact that the counseling records were given to the University's lawyers (expecting this litigation), but for failure to protect.

Karen Stokes was the executive to the assistant to the director of the counseling center.  She protested the release of the records.

The University of Oregon FIRED HER ASS for that.

Is it going to take violence before GLBT's and women actually get an ounce of rights here?

Is it really going to take people taking the law into their own hands and forcing the hands of bigoted lawyers and universities (and schools at lower levels) which exist only for the promotion and propagation of sports teams to force people to come correct?

Tick tock, world.  Tick fucking tock.

More updates on the Euro hooliganism

Finally, some more of the decisions:

Celtic:  It's not hard to see why they keep going in front of the committee, when their ninth offense only gets a 5000 Euro fine for the fireworks and 8000 Euros for the seven yellow cards.

Internationale (Milan), their opponents in that match, also had fans set off fireworks and got the same 5000 Euro fine.

Dinamo Moskva got 20000 Euros for a larger nature of the same offense.

A February 26 match between SSC Napoli and Trabzonspor led to 100,000 Euros in fines.60,000 for Napoli and 40,000 for Trabzonspor.

Yep, more fireworks.


If UEFA can't get their fucking fans even under the degree of control not to threaten to burn down the stadia at any matches they have, it may be time to shut the whole goddamned mess down before American football fans start getting the same ideas and actually doing it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Still want to tell me football isn't an allegory for rape?

Darren Sharper -- 9 to 20 years for a plea-agreement for rapes in at least FOUR STATES!!

And this was supposed to be one of the GOOD GUYS...

Anybody wanna bet this guy was raping women his entire freaking life, and only really got "caught" after he was of no further use to Football Nation America after his 2010 retirement...

Friday, March 20, 2015

Judgement Day at UEFA...

I've had a number of other non-sports issues come up today, so hopefully I can reduce stress by catching up on a story I've been following a bit.

A number of the first-knockout-phase Champions' League and Europa League matches were marred by incident - and March 19 was the date for a hearing on a number of the more egregious counts.

New incident:  Dynamo Kiev has been charged again, this time for racist conduct (again) in a match where they were partially-closed-doored for conduct in their home match in the Round of 32 -- this one was their home match in the Round of 16.

Be interesting to see if they are allowed to continue, and under what conditions.  That hearing is March 26th.

New incident:  Barcelona, illicit banner in their home match.  That one will go all the way to May for their hearing.


The direct red card for Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Paris St. Germain) will only cost him one match instead of the standard three.

Serge Aurier (Paris St. Germain) will sit THREE matches for insulting comments on social media.

(You'd think, in this day and age, most organized sports teams would just ban their players off of social media and be done with it...)

No word from UEFA on Feyenoord, Celtic, Bayer Leverkusen, or Dinamo Moskva.

2015 NCAA Day One: Now I'm a bit more suspicious...

Last year, after day one, according to ESPN, there were over 18,700 brackets that went 16 for 16.

Yesterday, there were only 273.

So why (else) does this get mentioned here?

A Yahoo! video I saw, indicating that yesterday, at least at the MGM Grand, was the second most profitable day in history, according to Jay Rood, VP of the Race and Sports Division of MGM Resorts.

The first ten games in the tournament were 0-10 against the spread.

I guess he may be speaking in general, but Rood says the only day that would be better for the books is a Super Bowl where the bettors get creamed.

One does have to wonder, though...  Could this be another indication that games might be getting looked at with Vegas in mind?

Be careful playing with a stacked deck....

Thursday, March 19, 2015

We Have Only Two Questions Left On This UCLA Situation

1) How many more favors are you going to get in this tournament?

First, you got in the tournament at all.

Second, the committee saw fit to place four at-large teams beneath you (so you didn't have to play Tuesday or Wednesday).

Now, we get an almost-certain gift (to which the only question is the second) in your first game today.

I'm grabbing both the GIF and a relevant picture from the Deadspin article, but you need the see this and then I'll ask the second question, which both me and my friend have been asking since we've seen this:

The GIF:

SMU Just Got Boned Out Of The Tournament By A Bullshit Goaltending Call

The situation is that UCLA is down two with about 15 seconds to go.  Watch the video at the linked article.

A desperation 3 is heaved up from the near side of the basket.  The better replay is the above-basket one which follows the call.

This, the rule for goaltending, as pasted on the article, is why:

SMU Just Got Boned Out Of The Tournament By A Bullshit Goaltending Call
All relevant sections of Article 3 indicate that the ball must have the possibility of entering the basket.

Stop the video at 22 seconds, just as the ball is being tapped, and then watch the angle again on the original GIF.

That ball was not entering the basket, and had no chance to do so.

That was NOT goaltending.

Worse yet, the call is made by THIS OFFICIAL, THIRTY-FIVE FEET from the basket...

SMU Just Got Boned Out Of The Tournament By A Bullshit Goaltending Call

There's a ref under the basket, there's one roughly in the line of the trajectory of the shot.

And THAT GUY makes the call.

So, now, my second question:

2) Is this incompetent officiating, or is this a blatant rig job for UCLA?

Oh, and their fourth gift already since Sunday?  They play a 14-seed in Round Three Two.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Boy, the NFL is all for sexual violence, but they don't want it so obvious, so stay away, Rapeis...

Earlier this week it was announced that "sources" claimed that Jameis Winston, the rapist who's likely to be the #1 draft pick in Chicago this year in about six weeks, would not attend the NFL draft.

Now Bleacher Report has stated that it believes the NFL had a lot to do with that decision, stating that Winston's presence may bring protests.  Winston met with the NFL in early March, and shut down his Twitter account shortly after.

Here's a hint, dummies:  Until football is changed (har har) so as not to be an allegory for rape in and of itself and an excuse for the men to rape their wives/girlfriends/anything female which moves, this is going to be truth.

Perhaps it is finally time for women to protest -- and violently if possible! -- against the sport of football and the animals who play it....