Monday, August 31, 2015

The fucking idiocy of comments sections from time to time...

I decided to peruse the Deadspin comments section to the report on the Will Smith movie Concussions I mentioned below.

It very quickly escalated into a discussion on the dangers of NASCAR, and someone (correctly) pointed out that, when NASCAR has had a fatal crash, the league has done everything in their power to prevent further fatalities.

Don't believe me?  Ask Austin Dillon.

But, to demonstrate the complete idiocy (or it could be trolling) of the generic American sports fan, I produce to you this gem from "CDWag14":

"The fact that you think NASCAR is safe a week after the death of Justin Wilson and the bringing of a law suit against Tony Stewart for the incident with Tony Ward Jr. shows either an incredible amount of ignorance or a level of tone deafness that borders on incredible. Read for yourself."

Justin Wilson's death was in an Indy car -- and there are actually editorials and calls for the end of the Indy Car series because the open-cockpit cars cannot be made safe.

Tony Ward Jr. was a sprint car, moron.

Something to think about as ESPN continues their football memes...

1) With a HUGE hat-tip to my anonymous friend...

We were talking about some of the shit hits that have already populated the pre-season, along with Darren Rovell's idiocy on Serena Williams.  My friend made the point that one of the few positions in football predominantly played by whites is the (It's All About The) Quarterback position.

So it got me to thinking:

(Source on depth charts:  Current ESPN depth charts.)

Dallas:  Romo
Giants:  Eli Manning
Washington:  Just named Kirk Cousins the starter today
Philadelphia:  Bradford

Arizona:  Palmer
San Francisco:  Kaepernick
Seattle:  Wilson
Rams:  Foles

Detroit:  Stafford
Chicago:  Cutler
Green Bay:  Rodgers
Minnesota:  Bridgewater

Carolina:  Newton
Tampa Bay:  Winston
New Orleans:  Brees
Atlanta:  Ryan

With today's announcement that Kirk Cousins will be the starter in Washington, that means only four of the sixteen teams in the NFC will have a Black starting quarterback, and one of them is a rookie!

Another is a second-year player (Bridgewater).

New England:  Brady/Garoppalo, depending on judge's ruling pending within a couple days.
Jets:  Fitzpatrick
Bills:  Tyrod Taylor (You may say "WHO?" here, but Rex Ryan just named Taylor the starter.)
35 NFL regular-season passes in his career.  6th season.
Dolphins:  Tannehill

Broncos:  Peyton Manning
Chiefs:  Smith
Raiders:  Carr
Chargers:  Rivers

Pittsburgh:  Roethlisberger
Baltimore:  Flacco
Cincinnati:  Dalton
Cleveland:  McCown

Indianapolis:  Luck
Jacksonville:  Bortles
Tennessee:  Mariota
Houston:  Hoyer

The only Black AFC starting quarterback is a complete freaking unknown!  (Mariota is of Hawaiian descent.)

So you have five Black starting quarterbacks right now in the NFL, and Marcus Mariota making a sixth minority.  Two of the six are rookies, a third is a second-year player, and a fourth is a complete unknown.

Gee, we getting told something here, NFL elite?

2) Speaking of uncomfortable truths for the NFL:  The latest Will Smith movie has the NFL trying to silence it.

Deadspin reports today on Concussion, where Smith plays the doctor who discovered the disease of CTE in football players.  One of the actors plays the late Dave Duerson.

End of career for the former Fresh Prince?  Could easily see it.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Baying masses for blood, part deux!!

These fuckers are going to kill somebody.

Seahag gotta Seahag, big brawl, at least two players ejected.

That was at least the start of it. The Charger lineman #77 was penalized under a new Point of Emphasis that you can't pull someone off the pile.

(Oh, so it's OK for Frank Clark to go smack up Philip Rivers on the ground and probably smack-talk him, but NOT OK to pull him off.)

This is going to be a stupid season.  The ejections were from a later fight in the ruckus, but at least finally allowed Steve Smith Sr., in his last season with the league, to share an NFL football game with his son.

I guess...

How about we get just about everybody from ESPN off Twitter...

Darren Rovell, ESPN sports business reporter...

(From Deadspin.)

Usually not as endorsers unless they are Chosen Ones like Foolish and Wretched Ballhog.

But why not, Darren?  Why not basically just expose that ESPN would have more respect for women's tennis if the top player were only a hot leggy WHITE sexpot?

(The way this started was Rovell basically reporting Maria Sharapova, who American Express has all over their advertising at the US Open, announced her withdrawl from the tournament.)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

And here we go for the baying masses for blood...

Big brawl in the Washington-Baltimore game because of this piece of shit:

(From SBNation's blog post on the subject:)

Looks like he spears him and piledrives him.

And this is what you shitheads want! Someone's dying this year - mark that prediction down.

Friday, August 28, 2015

And another coach trying to sacrifice people on the altar?

The University of Illinois was forced to fire it's football coach today for physical and mental abuse.

Tim Beckman was forced to be fired after an external investigation revealed a history of mental abuse, hiding injuries, and pressuring players to play hurt.

This asshole would fit in perfectly in Roger Goodell's NFL, a league plastered with such a history.

But I'm left to ask Illinois AD Michael Thomas one question in light of this comment:

"The preliminary information external reviewers shared with me does not reflect our values or our commitment to the welfare of our student-athletes, and I've chosen to act accordingly," Thomas said. "During the review, we have asked people not to rush to judgment, but I now have enough information to make this decision in assessing the status and direction of the football program."

How can you have a football program when the entire sport demands such a disregard of the welfare of your students?

This is not one coach.

This is not one player.

This is not one fan.

This is a nation of baying animals, demanding blood -- and for WHAT??

What your former coach did was football.  Until you realize that, nothing's going to change.

(Source of Thomas quote:  ESPN article.)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Arbitrator: No, Barry...

Refusing to pay a narcissistic steroid freak what he thinks is decent money as the "Home Run King" and ending his career is not collusion.

So said an arbitrator today.  Barry Bonds lost his collusion case.