Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Quick Hit 7/22: Someone Needs To Tell Tony Dungy, The Homophobic Pig, To Shut The Fuck Up

Look, we get it, Tony Dungy.

You wouldn't draft Michael Sam, as you told the Tampa Tribune.

Leave your Old Testament Bible-Thumping out of the NFL.  Period.

EDIT TO ADD: Deadspin, through Rams beat-writer Nick Wagoner, got these comments from Michael Sam:

"Sam on Dungy's comments: "Thank God he wasn't the St. Louis Rams coach. (laughs) I have a lot of respect for Coach Dungy." (1 of 2)" and ""And like everyone in America, everyone is entitled to their own opinions." (2 of 2)"

Mr. Sam, for your own good, you maybe shouldn't be so nice about it. I'm beginning to read tea leaves that NFL shills media sources are already trying to plant the seeds for your demise.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Quick Hit 7/21: The End of Small-Conference Football/Sports, The End of the NCAA, or BOTH?

Saw something interesting over the weekend that will probably soon be necessitated by the O'Bannon decision, even in the years before the appeals, etc., are worked out.

And if I'm right on the latter concept, that little thing you all call March Madness is DONE.

Why do I say this?

ESPN had a quirky little report over the weekend that at least one small-conference (non Big-5) commissioner has rejected what, at first glance, is the most arrogant, conceited, and misplaced proposals in the history of sports.

The problem is that the NCAA is about to (be forced to) grant new "autonomy" to the money Big-5 conferences (the ACC, SEC, Big XII, Big Ten, and Pac-12), largely as a result of what happens with the O'Bannon ruling.

Of course, today, the commissioner of the Big XII basically ended all remaining pretense by slapping down the NCAA, saying the two words that any sane sports fan who has followed collegiate sports for five nanoseconds knows:  "Cheating pays."

Bob Bowlsby has revealed, as one of a number of comments, that the Infractions Committee of the NCAA hasn't met on an FBS school in a year.

But back to the report over the weekend.

As of Sunday night, three conferences not in the Big-5 have had their commissioners shoot down one of the first proposals which appears as if it's going to be made public once the Big-5 conferences get their autonomy.

I've always said that the main reason for the BCS was to exclude the non-Big-5 conferences and schools from the football national title.

Now, it appears as if the proposal will be made to exclude them completely!  The Big-5 conferences are floating a proposal to ask/force the other conferences (as a matter of economic competition and congestion in the marketplace where every dollar may count in a world where the players get paid and can be compensated) to play in the Spring, so as not to pollute/dilute the Big-5 product in the Fall.

On surface, it might be the most asinine, arrogant, and conceited argument I've ever heard.

Sadly, it might be the first plank in what will eventually be a complete separation as the NCAA fades into absolute irrelevance and the need arises for a pro-league-led minor-league system.

It might be the first step in finally jettisoning many of these schools from the NCAA, and college sports, entirely.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Quick Hits 7/19: Homophobia and the "Only Place For Women" In the Bastion of Manhood Which is Football

Two semi-intertwined stories to quick-hit on today:

First, in the "What the Hell Took You So Long, Chris Kluwe?" Department, Chris Kluwe is finally suing the Minnesota Vikings for his homophobic termination on the basis of his beliefs for GLBT equality, as well as for harassment under the law with respect to homophobic slurs fired by his coordinator, Mike Priefer.

Priefer was suspended for three games, when Kluwe demanded, as a condition of not suing, at least a 4-8 game ban.

From the ESPN article:

"[Clayton] Halunen [Kluwe's attorney] said the punter could expect to receive up to $10 million in damages for religious and human rights discrimination, defamation, tortious interference with contractual relations and emotional stress damages, since, he said, Kluwe's punting career was likely over. "The scope of things now has changed," Halunen said."

But how does one expect this to get anywhere in a culture such as another ESPN article from late this week exposed...

Ashley Fox of ESPN has written a commentary demanding a four-game suspension for Carolina defensive end Greg Hardy.

Hardy was convicted by a judge of a May 13 incident where he committed domestic violence in the manner of:

"Hardy beat Nicole Holder in his Charlotte apartment and then called 911 in an attempt to cover up what he had done. Holder testified that Hardy threw her in a bathtub, dragged her around his apartment by her hair, ripped off a necklace she was wearing and tossed her onto a futon that was covered with rifles, the Charlotte Observer reported. Hardy said Holder threw herself in the bathtub and threatened to kill herself, and he denied hurting her."

... according to the article.

The point I'm making comes down to the comments section, where we get a perfect example of the mentality of football fans, especially male ones.

Ryan Kitts:

"How is this woman still employed by ESPN? Hey Ashley, we get it. You hate men. Can you actually earn your paycheck and write something about sports? Let Cosack and Munson take care of the legal side of sports. This ESPNw type stuff needs no place on the ESPN homepage."

It would be hard-pressed for me to understand how a woman could not hate men in a football-led society.

You know why, Ryan?

Let's take a look at football for what it really is:

1) Football is an allegory for rape.

Football (taken as a large-scale exercise) exists as one team exerting it's power, non-consensually, on the other team.  Football's mere existence acts as an effort to power-over and even injure the other team in the name of gaining victory, no more or less different than domestic violence and rape.

Not coincidentally:

2) The only two places for women in that kind of a construct are either as exhibitionists or those who are inflicted violence on by and in the name of football.

Oh, you thought those hot-legged cheerleaders existed to actually...  lead cheers and bolster school/team spirit?

How about the known correlation between losing teams and their fans beating the shit out of their wives, etc.?

3) Football hates anything but real men who are willing to be violent in the name of manhood.

Just ask Chris Kluwe.  Just ask any woman within about a 20-mile radius of "Big Red" in Stubenville, Ohio.  Etc.

You know, maybe it's time for us to realize that, if people like you, Mr. Kitts, are allowed to shoot your mouth off, then women cannot, in any measure, expect appropriate treatment from men, especially in a culture where a solid allegory for rape is The National Religion.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Quick Hit 7/17: Aw Shit, ESPN and the Golf Corporates Got Their Way

May have more in the time I have on the Net today, but I have one for sure:

The Golf Corporates and ESPN, who've wanted to shove Tiger Woods down our throats for how many centuries, finally have seemed to get their way.

Hat-tip to my usual anonymous contributor:  ESPN3 is doing a Tiger-Only Feed.  One of the video feeds for the British Open is, quite literally, All Tiger, All the Time.

Pardon me while I puke.

(Scores were generous today, but it sounds like the puking will continue for four days.  He's only three out after the first round.)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Semi-hiatus until football season.

My laptop went "SNAP!", literally, last night.

So my Internet time will be far more limited than it was to that point.

So the SuperFraud blog is going on some level of hiatus, though not complete, until I get a replacement somewhere around the end of the month of August.

Now, as access allows and circumstances warrant, I may have some quick shots.  For example:
  • I had planned to have an article in disagreement with Declan Hill's contentions that Brazil's World Cup woes were not so historic that they had to be some sort of rig-job or dive.  (He, surprisingly, does not believe 1-7 and 0-3 to be fixed.)
  • Word from Adam Silver that, due to the court cases, Donald Sterling may not have his expulsion from the league completed by the time next season starts.  Possibility of "HELLO, PLAYERS STRIKE!!"?
  • Mike Pouncey is at it again.  Lawsuit for beating up a guy in a club.
  • No word yet on the O'Bannon lawsuit decision.  Testimony wrapped up during the World Cup.  Written closing statements were submitted July 10.
So, for now, I'll have to go into the background a bit more than off-NFL-season usual.

But trust me, I'll be back with more, as access permits.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

You really think it's not possible Brazil threw the Germany match?

I just saw something scarily interesting on Deadspin...

(Actually, it's on Deadspin's sister soccer/World Cup site, Screamer.)

The article itself is about an anti-gambling advertisement which has been circulating (also circulating in poster form) during this World Cup.

Several youths are chit-chatting about the Cup, and who they think will win.

Brazil and Argentina (Messi specifically, in the latter case) are gleefully touted...

Then the action turns to a kid named "Andy", who wants no part of the discussion.

Finally pressed, he says he hopes Germany wins the Cup, because his gambling-addicted father took all of Andy's savings and bet them on the Germans.

(The article basically makes note of the irony:  Now, Germany have to be considered massive favorites to win the Cup on Sunday over Argentina.)

But that PSA, though valid and wonderful, is not the reason I'm pointing in that direction.

I can make little cause as to the veracity of the photo I am about to present.

If true, it all but confirms the suspicion I've had that the match was thrown.

How do I say that?

It's a $20 bet.  $20 US, made by somebody (purportedly) on an international online sportsbook.

The bet was as follows:

NOT ONLY was Germany to win the match by exactly seven goals to one, but Sami Khedira of Germany was to score at least once during the match.

The odds given this gambler for that action were TWO THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN TO ONE.

He just won over $46,000 -- on $20.


Now, if this is real (and, as of the moment, I have no veracity on it), imagine the trillion-dollar underground industry in Asia...


To put it kindly, I think we witnessed The Unthinkable yesterday...

I will forgive anybody who thinks I've gone completely nuts about something today.

There's a reason for this.

I am glad I took yesterday off from my normal routine and, instead, went to a local sports bar and watched Brazil and Germany in the first World Cup semifinal.

I guess the best way to blog it is just to say it:  I believe there are members of the Brazilian national team who conspired to throw the World Cup Brazil thought to be it's birthright away, for some reason I cannot comprehend.

I believe the match was fixed, by entities getting in with some of the players.

This, by most accounts, would be the most ridiculous claim I've probably ever seen, much less made.

I guess the next question would be a very simple:  HOW IN THE FUCKING HELL DO I COME UP WITH THAT?

To that, I take you to the highlights of the match, if I can find a legally-embed-able set of them which FIFA won't take down (their official YouTube channel is a joke in this regard -- the only "highlights" the channel has are the International Sign Language translations of the match reports, and they're so religious in taking down match highlights that most people are actually resorting to faking match highlight videos and showing FIFA '14 video game play instead!).

It sounds like the best I can do is put up a link to the ESPNFC highlights, which are probably the official highlights from the World Feed of FIFA, since ESPN is the official USA broadcast partner.

(And I believe the link only works if you're in the USA...  Don't blame me, I didn't make the rules...)

But you need to see these highlights if you're going to make sense of the claims I'm making here.

(0:10):  First goal, 11th minute, Germany 1-0.

Germany gets a corner after a spirited first ten minutes.

The cross comes in to a COMPLETELY UNMARKED Thomas Mueller -- a guy who, through his career, is averaging just about a goal a World Cup match -- SEVEN YARDS FROM GOAL.

The conversion is trivial, 1-0 Germany.

The match would still retain spirit for about ten more minutes.


(0:40):  Second goal, 22nd minute, Germany 2-0.  (22:10 elapsed)

The record-breaker for Miroslav Klose, who, with this goal, became the highest goal-scorer in the history of the World Cup.

More than Pele.  More than Maradona.  More than Ronaldo.

Pass comes off the side, and, after a Brazilian misses it, comes to Kloos, center of the pitch, 22 yards from goal.

Miroslav Klose breaks in from the right corner of the penalty area, and gets the ball, largely uncontested and barely-marked, on the penalty spot, ten yards from goal.

He shakes the defender, takes one saved shot, gets the rebound uncontested, and slots the record-breaker in.

Klose was unchallenged for the entire relevant play.

That was bad enough.  2-0 would be a large hill to climb, in any case.

It was the start of a historic six minutes which shattered a nation.

(1:27)  Third goal, 24th minute, Germany 3-0. (23:57 elapsed)


Any of THREE unmarked Germans, two of which were Mueller and the eventual goalscorer Toni Kroos, could've taken it.

The crossing pass literally could've had it's choice of German goal-scorer, as Brazil made no effort, with three German players, fifteen yards, IF THAT, from goal, to close anything down, and the match is over at this point.

Only a minute and 47 seconds had elapsed between goals 2 and 3 -- including the goal celebration for the former.

If you're already getting where I'm going, good.  IT GETS WORSE.

(2:08)  Fourth goal, 25th minute, Germany 4-0.

Yes, the next minute of play.  The last clip of the (first) Toni Kroos goal ended at 24:52 elapsed.  The clip begins with Kroos being featured as the goalscorer at 25:00 elapsed.

Germany literally get the ball off the ensuing kickoff, take it down, and Kroos rams it down the throat.

Kroos robs the Brazilian defender blind, passes to a completely unmarked Khedira, who passes back to a completely unmarked Kroos, and Kroos slots it at 25:07.  (Technically the 26th minute.)

Elapsed time for goal 3 to goal 4, one minute, ten seconds.

Elapsed time from kickoff to goal 4, MAYBE TEN SECONDS.

By now, it should be obvious this game is fixed, because this is purportedly a power national team made to look like a bunch of amateurs.


(2:56)  Fifth goal, 29th minute, Germany 5-0.

At least the ball had been back in play a minute and a half or two minutes before Germany just waltzed in for number five.

Ball played through the midfield to Khedira, passed through on a sliding pass, clean to the near side, and, for at least the second time, THREE UNMARKED GERMANS, two of them nine yards from goal, the third (Khedira) scores it from about twelve yards, completely unchallenged.

Time of the goal:  28:50.

This basically means that, counting three goal celebrations, Germany has scored four goals in just six minutes and forty seconds.  The 28:50 is the fastest five-goal outburst from a World Cup game start -- EVER.  Group phase or knockout phase.

None of those goals were meaningfully challenged by any Brazilian on the pitch.  The poor goalkeeper was competely hung out to dry on every one of those efforts.

The half ends 5-0.  It appears, for the most of the remainder of the half, that the referee is even trying to save Brazil further humiliation, calling a pair of phantom fouls when it appeared Germany was about to burst through AGAIN later in the half.

The second half dissolves into a farce straight out of the Twilight Zone.  It almost appears, for about ten minutes, that Germany want to give Brazil between one and three goals, just to salve matters a bit for a crowd that is somewhere between depressed and despondent.

That fails, largely because no Brazil player can be arsed to make a simple effort by this point, and Germany now have to resort to openly bungling several breakthroughs to prevent the embarrassment from getting worse.

Finally, Schurrle has had enough of that, and...

(3:40)  Sixth goal, 69th minute, Germany 6-0.

Lahm to Khedira in the corner, back to Lahm in the penalty area with all kinds of space, 15 yards from goal, centering pass to Schurrle.

NONE OF THIS IS CHALLENGED.  Schurrle is EIGHT YARDS FROM THE CENTER OF THE NET.  And, if not him, the #13 was right there to take it and score it.

There are FOUR Brazilian purported-defenseman, all standing there with the proverbial thumb up the ass, not knowing what to do in any measure of the argument, and Schurrle adds to the total.

I am going to ask one simple question by this point:  Is there any explanation, other than a complete rig-job, other than someone like a Raj Perumal or Dan Tan getting to a number of the Brazilian team and offering them a ridiculous sum to throw the game, that explains THIS...

And six-nil, to this point, is KIND.  Germany, by the end of the game, gave up, willingly, about five further breakthroughs because they wanted to hold the score to some level.

But not even that attempt could stop the disgrace from going on and on and...

(4:26)  Seventh goal, 79th minute, Germany 7-0.

Yeah, you read it right.  SEVEN-NIL.

Pass to the corner, to Schurrle in the top corner of the box, NO ONE between him and the keeper, bonks it off the bar and seventh heaven for the Germans.


Brazil got nothing more than a ceremonial goal in the 90th minute to lose by 7-1.

The seven goals scored by Germany are a world record for a World Cup semifinal.

And on NONE of the goals was ANY REMOTE ATTEMPT AT A CHALLENGE MADE to a single German in the play of ANY of them.

Not ONE.

Ladies and gentlemen, that was a fixed match.

I do not know (and I'm not sure I care) what would motivate a Brazilian national team member to do this.

I just know when I see it that something has occurred.

If someone wants to explain to me that this game was not fixed by a party with a lot of money to buy off the Brazilian defense, someone please explain to me how this can occur to a team with an ounce of pride, integrity, or talent...

Please, I want to hear this one.