Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Score Update, as we enter halfway through the madness...

Real stupid week, as you'll see below:
  • Scoring shot back up for the week.  Would've been over 50 a week if not for the Monday nighter, but ended at 49 1/3 points per game for the week.
  • Season average is now back to almost where it ended last year:  46.653
  • Fifteen games this week, seven were non-competitive in the fourth quarter, and two more only barely so (one (OAK-CLE) was only within one score for 43 seconds of the fourth quarter, while PIT-IND lasted about 2:26 at 42-34).
  • ALL OF THE OTHER SIX GAMES WERE CLIFFHANGERS.  I don't think I've had a week since I started looking at this, but all six other games of the week were decided by a score within the last two minutes of regulation or overtime.
  • That means 26 of the 121 games played so far this year did so.  That's 21.49%, getting pretty close to where it was last year. (21.875% last year.)
  • Games within one score at some point in the 4th quarter are at 63.64%, down from 68% last year.
  • Games decided by one score are at 41.32%, down from 48% last year.
  • Over was 7-8 this week, no real indecisions on this week.  Had my math a little screwed up, so double-checked my numbers.  The over is just slightly over .500 for the year - 62-58-1 if you take predominant bets.  56-57-8, just below .500, if you take into account some of the variable results -- and that's, with the 9% juice, just what Vegas wants!
  • Another London game this week, so only 14 home games -- home team was 9-5, including the last five games to finish.  74-44-1 for the year.  Home teams are winning at a 62.6% clip.
  • Home team was called for more penalties in half of those 14 games.  7-7.  52 out of 119 for the season.  43.7%
  • The exact same number of penalties, 205, was called each of the last two weeks.  Also, 104 penalties were called on winning teams in BOTH weeks.  
  • 99 on the home teams, 103 on the visitors.
  • Team with more penalties was 7-8.  55-57-8 for the year.
  • Team with more Points of Emphasis penalties was 5-7-3.  44-48-38 for the year.
  • New season "high" for PoE penalties in a game by a team:  Pittsburgh had six accepted vs. Indianapolis, and WON EASILY...

Monday, October 27, 2014

And Another One Bites The Dust: More Hazing

Late last week:

Central Bucks school in suburban Philadelphia suspended the football program and put the coaches on suspension after investigating hazing within the team.

(Source:  Reuters)

One rookie player, according to the article, had to grab another's dick while the team watched.



That's SEXUAL ASSAULT, even under the standards of an underage participant, yet the Central Bucks Police Department doesn't believe it met the level of criminality?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Is NOTHING sacred? Are we even using sex, drugs, and rock and roll to recruit MILITARY football players?

So we happen upon this ditty yesterday:

The latest football squad to be under investigation for the use of women and the like to recruit football players is...


Yep, the Army football team has disciplined 20 cadets for illegally recruiting players with cash, cheerleaders, and booze on a party bus...

One Thing To Think It, One To Believe It True...

... but, especially after Donald Sterling and the situation in Atlanta, another to say it, Sir Charles!!!

In response to that Russell Wilson is perceived (at least by reports) by some of the Seattle Seahag Legion of Thug Boom not to be Black enough, Sir Charles had this to say:

“For some reason we are brainwashed to think, if you're not a thug or an idiot, you're not black enough,” Barkley said. “If you go to school, make good grades, speak intelligent, and don't break the law, you're not a good black person.”

“There are a lot of black people who are unintelligent, who don't have success,” he continued. “It's best to knock a successful black person down because they're intelligent, they speak well, they do well in school and they're successful … It's just typical B.S. that goes on when you're a black, man.” He also described the situation as ”a dirty, dark secret.”

As my neighborhood will tell you, there are many similar White people too.  But, that said, oh boy...  I could see some real problems with this in the NBA offices, Mr. Barkley.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Week 7 Fine Blotter

  • Indianapolis Colts:  Erik Walden, $27,652 for physical contact with the official and subsequent ejection.
  • The ejection on Carolina's Luke Kuechly was declared improper -- he was actually being restrained by an official blind to him and threw an elbow, thinking it was a Green Bay Packer.  Kuechly was not fined as a result.
  • St. Louis Rams:  Brian Quick, $8,268 for unnecessary roughness.
There may be further updates, but, as of about 5:30 PM PDT Friday, that's all I can find.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Truth No One Wants To Hear

This is what is left of Jacobbi McDaniels' helmet after his Cleveland Browns debut against the Jacksonville Jaguars:

Jacobbi McDaniel

If the OUTSIDE of the helmet is that damaged, what's to make of the head which was INSIDE it?

From David Fleming, who says it better than I can:

"All in all, I counted 15 different marks of every shape, size, depth and direction, including: a horizontal tear on the gray facemask; a thick, weird smudge near the right temple; two long tire skid marks that dead end into a deep tear of the brown stripe decal that runs down the center of the helmet; a cavernous divot of plastic near the Browns nameplate; a shooting-star gash above the right eye that looked like the work of an expressionist painter; and on and on and on. And when you begin to think about the shear amount of force, torque and close-quarter violence needed to carve such a strange script into such a strong material, McDaniel's helmet becomes almost mesmerizing, like an orange crystal ball.

Ultimately, though, it was those other-worldly Freddy Krueger-like claw marks down the right front side of the helmet -- the ones that reminded me of the equipment guy in Green Bay, who said that after good games Clay Matthews' helmet looks like it had been attacked by a rabid pack of bobcats -- that spurred me to track down McDaniel. Turns out, the guy with a 2013 criminology degree from FSU was just as fascinated as I was by the football forensics left behind on his helmet. Really, that's why he tweeted out a picture of his helmet. It tells a story. His story."

Took two plays for a helmeted collision with an opposing guard.

Later in the first drive, another facemask-to-facemask shot.

The hits are so violent, the screws on opposing helmets gouge into each other's helmets.

But some of the best evidence the game needs to be shut down comes from McDaniel's own mouth:

""Naw man, I don't worry about my brain," McDaniel insists. "That helmet shows I went out there and did my job. That's all. When I posted the picture, a bunch of people from back home [in Madison, Florida] said, 'Hey, that's exactly what your helmet used to look like in high school.'""

McDaniels was returned to Cleveland's practice squad after the 24-6 loss.
If this doesn't get some of these programs shut down, NOTHING WILL.

Eighteen years of fraudulent classes in the African-American Studies Department (1992-2009).

Over three thousand students involved -- prominently, though not completely, from the football and men's basketball programs.

The semester after the fraud who was running the A-A Studies Department retired, the average GPA of the football team was barely eligible at 2.12, and a decade-long low.

When Roy Williams became men's basketball coach, he actively, seeing what was going on, tried to get his academic people to get his players out of that major, according to the USA Today report.

The NCAA has reserved comment.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Two Offensive Stories: They may not appear related, but they are...

I was wondering when they might sneak this through, but the Dallas Cowboys cut Michael Sam from their practice squad today.

I'm becoming more and more suspicious that this 6-1 run is not only a means to push Jerry Jones and Tony Romo, but to create exactly what took place today?

Evidence:  Dallas, in recent years past, could not find a defense of any kind with a GPS system.

So why, pray tell, all of a sudden, when they put Michael Sam on their practice squad, even though they only have one sack a game this season, that they are 12th in yards against in the passing game and 16th on the ground?

Someone was trying to lock him out, and they fucking succeeded.


A second offensive story, which corroborates the story in Mother Jones during the NFL crises of the wife of former NFL center Adam Treu, surfaced Monday.

Two NFL wives (one of whom refuses to identify herself, both for fear of retribution from the league and from her former husband, who still plays in the NFL...  Hmmmm, domestic violence here??) told the Washington Post about the complete run-around of the league "fixers", from the league itself to the police to anyone else who wouldn't listen about their domestic violence issues from the supposed "real men" who exist only to rape, pillage, and plunder, and far more than just on Sunday.

"You will hear of a wife murdered before you hear another one come forward."


Why are these two stories related?

Because the violence of being a "REAL MAN!!!!" is central to football.

Raping, pillaging, and plundering everything in your path in central to the entire presentation of this sport.

And ANYTHING, be it a talented homosexual player or a wife who has just had enough of getting the shit kicked out of her, that gets in the way of this meme MUST be dealt with to the advantage of The Shield.