Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Super Farce 50: Peyton Manning: Corporate Whore To The Very End

And do people want to know why that game was so obviously rigged for Denver?

What does the corporate whore quarterbacking Denver do about the moment the game ends?

He hugs Papa "Thirty-Two Car Moat" John.

Then, in the interview on-field, as they are setting up the stage for the presentations, Manning breaks league rules (and maybe Federal Law?) by shilling for Budweiser during the interview.

But why not?  Has there been another player so obvious in carrying water for the league for the last God Knows How Many years?

And this goes back to when he was BMOC of the University of Tennessee, or does anyone want to remember the fact he basically teabagged a female trainer in 1996, and had to pay more about it when he wouldn't shut the fuck up about it under court order in 2005?

Peyton Manning is a Corporate Whore.  He is the perfect latest representation of the Corporate Era.

None of this should surprise you -- nor should the fact he was handed a ring on the way out.

Super Farce 50: Observations From The National Bloodfeast

  • I can't believe, for the life of me, anyone outside of the Carolinas or Panther fans even thinking of betting for or believing Carolina would win.  This was so obviously The Peyton Manning Retirement Party, and the only thing which surprised me is that they gave Carolina no "hope spot" in the entire game to indicate it was going to be viewed as a two-way contest.  It was clear that the NFL felt Peyton Manning such a broken man physically that they could not count on him doing One More Drive at the end, so the game was effectively done the way it was.
  • You know I'm doing this one:  It was evident from the go that the officials and New York were in full charge of the game from whistle to whistle.  The worst call, though, was probably the biggest -- and it was in the first quarter.  We had a Calvin Johnson ruling again, and the rule worked as intended:  It set the table for Carolina to be hamstrung for the rest of the game with a shit call.  First play, second Carolina drive with about seven minutes to go in the quarter, Newton passes to Cotchery for 25 yards.  The pass is ruled incomplete on the field, and Carolina challenges.  The replay shows a clear Calvin Johnson situation, but the blazes if I can find where the ball actually contacts the ground.  Ruling on the field "stands", meaning there was no conclusive evidence (even with all of the extra cameras used for the Super Bowl) that the ball never touched the ground??????  Two plays later, fumble into the end zone for the touchdown, and Denver never looks back.
  • Aqib Talib should've been thrown out of the game.  Before he should've, though, he was involved in an incident in which he got a separate unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and the cameras catch what, to me, was a 50-50 situation.  Both players were unsportsmanlike, yes.  Yes, Talib took his chinstraps and threw them down during the exchange, but that wasn't anything more than offsetting -- the penalty gave Carolina a fresh set of downs it could do nothing with, but indicated the officials and New York were understanding the flow of the game and trying to offset Denver a bit.
  • But it was the play before Carolina's lone touchdown that should've been the end of Talib's night.  A 13-yard pass from Newton to Brown to the Denver 2 is only stopped by Talib taking Brown by the facemask and helicoptering him to the ground.  Not only should he have been tossed as a function of a flagrant dangerous facemask, but the only reason the touchdown was stopped (for one play) was his foul.  The referees should've awarded the six and tossed Talib.
  • Cam Newton appeared to get away with intentional grounding at least twice.  One of the things which should've indicated to viewers paying attention that the game was Denver's was something else:  Newton didn't even really attempt to use his speed and the like for the entire first quarter!
  • The long punt return that led to Denver's second field goal had two problems:  One, it did look like the punter got a fair degree of nailed on the situation (even running into the kicker would've nullified the return if nothing else).  Two, there was all sorts of confusion, and almost certainly a penalty for failing to give Norwood the opportunity to catch the ball, fair or otherwise. Deadspin noted five Panthers avoided tackling Norwood during the return -- though I might only count the last three, as I think the first two probably interfered with his ability to catch the ball.
  • There was a play with some question on it in the third quarter at 13-7 Denver just before Carolina missed the field goal  There was a flag for a defensive holding situation, but it was picked up, stating there was no foul -- and no one decided to actually get the public to look at it to see what the confusion was.
  • Not to mention that Carolina felt Talib had committed his fourth penalty of the game by jumping offside on the missed field goal.
  • The game was one of the dirtiest in Super Bowl history, as SEVEN 15-yard penalties were accepted -- it was clear the officials were given orders to call the chippy nature of the NFL tightly, but the penalties just seemed to highlight the violent nature of the game...
  • ... a game so violent that, by about three minutes to go in the third quarter, there were at least three ANNOUNCED players with concussions in the locker room.
  • If there was any remaining doubt that the game was The Peyton Manning Retirement Party, the announcers were not only saying they did not believe Carolina would be able to score twice (at 16-7), but were already beginning to talk "The End" for Manning at the start of the 4th quarter.
  • Another key bad call was when Ted Ginn Jr. got MUGGED in the 4th quarter on a driver which led to Carolina's field goal, but a touchdown makes it a 2-point game.
  • The final straw (and the announcers noted it) was on the fumble that gave Denver it's final touchdown, a fumble in which Cam Newton did not go into the pile to get.  In the Super Bowl...  Cam Newton played his role to the hilt -- and if Carolina (or Newton with another team) gets back real soon, don't think that won't weigh in his favor.
So no...  I don't think there was an ounce of legit in any of this.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

And the NFL cares none of this about legitimacy... of any form.

Something for both fans and myself to think about either before we head out around the time of the National Bloodfeast or afterward when we're bitching out that our team/bet/proposition/square/etc. got screwed by the officiating...

The NFL just inducted Eddie DeBartolo into the Hall of Fame.

THAT Eddie DeBartolo.

Failure to report a felony.
Paid $200,000 to settle a sexual assault.
Complete abrogation of the salary cap to several FIXED Super Bowls for the Niner Empire.

Could go on and on and on...

But my anonymous friend made a very good point this afternoon:  The NFL cares not a whit for any of this.  Look who they just immortalized.

I guess pieces of shit do run together -- don't they, Mr. Goodell?

Official Super Fraud Prediction for Super Farce 50, As If There Was Any Other...

This post may make me look like a real idiot in 12 hours.

In zero uncertain terms, this is the easiest call I've had to make, but there IS one caveat.

There is a rigged scenario in which Carolina wins.  And the late news about Peyton Manning, his wife, and the HGH situation does leave the gate open a small crack for a situation not unakin to the Giants upsetting the 18-0 Patriots because Spygate blew up (in at least one of it's iterations) right before that Super Bowl.  (And it made sense then as it does here.  Then, the Giants had the one pass rush that could disrupt the Patriots' offense.  Here?  Cam Newton could catapault into mega-star.)

There should be no dispute:  If this game were legitimate, forget Carolina winning by a large margin -- Denver wouldn't even be here!

Carolina is the better team on the field, and they have the rigged angle.  Cam Newton has been groomed by the US Sports Machine to be the Next Great Black Hope.  (And, suprisingly to people like me, he's been a model citizen in an NFL where it is to advantage that you are anything but.)

The problem here is simple:  If the NFL is going to give Ray Lewis a ring on the way out, how do they not do the same for Peyton Manning?  This man is not well.  (I would not rule out the possibility that a well-timed hit kills Manning as he throws the winning touchdown pass -- that's how much of a time bomb has been on his neck ever since the surgeries.)

There are very few people who have carried more water, both on the field (helped throw two Super Bowls to much more league-friendly (at the time) teams) and off (his endorsement work, especially for Papa Moat Personal Parking Lot Johns).

And Vegas wins too, for the moment:  Much early money on Carolina moved the line almost to a touchdown in their favor, but a lot of street money (at the very least) has come in over the top on Denver in the last several days.

I do believe that Carolina will go out to a rather early two-touchdown lead, and Manning may well be benched for Brock Ostweiler.  The game will then stagnate, and Carolina will still hold a ~10-point lead entering the fourth quarter, when Manning returns for the all-too-predictable comeback.

Denver wins.  Manning is carried off the field as MVP -- one way or the other.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

(NBA Hack-A-Player) It's going about as I expected...

Last year, when it was just a couple or three specific players, Adam Silver probably said the right thing that it could be a situation where those players need to learn to shoot free-throws.

The problem, now, is two things have happened that I fully expected from that stand:

First, it's become an epidemic.  Though the same three players are still the target for about 70% of such fouls, it has become such a regular coaching strategy that over 20 such players are now involved and such a strategy seems to be implemented every night!

(So much so that one player for the Golden State Warriors was Hack-A-Player'ed at midcourt, seemed to go into a shooting motion, and sank a half-courter which, IMHO, should've counted with the NBA's continuation rules.)

Last year, according to statistical experts, Hack-A-Player was implemented 164 times.  We're already up to 260, and we haven't even hit the All-Star break or the playoff push yet.

Second, it now DOES sound like Adam Silver's mind has been changed, more as a result of the explosion in the number of players being hacked than anything else.

(And Mark Cuban is yelling for people to learn to shoot free throws.)

That said, the concept of Adam Silver talking about the NBA as an entertainment property is concerning, given the NBA's long history and reputation of fixing.

Andre Drummond of Detroit (one of the three main players targeted) missed 23 free throws out of 36 (an NBA record for misses) on January 21.

Players are now deliberately jumping on the backs of Hack-A victims to force them to the line, even when other players are shooting free throws!  (Isn't that a technical foul anyway to do that during free-throw attempts??)

Another Legend, Another Life Made Better By Football


As in Joe.

As in the quarterback an entire cable television network tries to sell as The GOAT.

USA Today interview yesterday, admits the body is basically broken.
  • Arthritis:  One elbow, both knees, both hands.
  • A knee he can't straighten and doctors have said needs replacement.  The knee cannot support that much weight, either.
  • Three neck fusions and an imminent fourth.
  • Nerve damage, neck and eyes.
And that's not even considering possible concussions and CTE and God knows what else.

Just think of that when they carry Peyton Manning off the field tomorrow...

... one way or the other!

Another sacrifice to the altar of sports...

And, given his background, I'd be shocked if there wasn't the possibility of numerous head injuries here too.

This time, I'm not talking football or hockey.

BMX legend Dave Mirra is dead at 41.

Reports are, suicide.

I don't think I need to draw the connection from here.  Yes, BMX riders at his level had helmets and all that kind of stuff.

But the massive amount of crashes and the like such riders take would have to take a toll on them physically and mentally.

Some of the football reports have indicated that some of the impacts and damages have approximated motorcycle or car crashes.

So I would not be shocked in the least if Mirra also has CTE, and I don't think anyone (least of all the X-Games Sports and Programming Network) wants to find out.