Sunday, November 22, 2015

Buckeyes Lose, Player Throws Fit And Declares For Pros

I'm shocked to see that Michigan State has beaten Ohio State and now holds the keys to the Big Ten championship in their pocket.

That said, I am not surprised to find Ezekiel Elliot throwing a fit afterward on social media:  He not only slams the coaching for not getting him the damn ball more, he also announces he is turning pro.

Sounds like Cardale Jones is as well, as things are not as they seem at THE Ohio State University.

Stay classy, Badger Fan...

God, has Wisconsin gone to shit in the almost 20 years since I left on that bus to get arrested...

It's bad enough they've elected Scott Walker at least three times to be Governor, but yesterday's loss to Northwestern indicates Badger Fan has as much Football Syndrome as anyone else, it seems.

Never mind that Wisconsin is the most overrated FBS-I program in the country, but no one wants to admit that.

Yesterday's fan-led atrocities can be attributed to snow, and lots of it.  Comes almost at the perfect time for deer-hunting season...

Too bad a bunch of the fans at the Badger-Northwestern game yesterday turned it into either Badger Cheerleader hunting season or Referee hunting season.

The Badger cheerleading squad had to be led up the tunnel for a part of yesterday's game when the student section turned on them and made them a shooting gallery of snowballs!

A later report added to the original Deadspin report indicates the referees were also not immune, especially after the referees overturned three apparent Wisconsin touchdowns in the 13-7 loss.

More Dodged Bullets on the Blood Fields This Week

Just a small listing of what I could find:
  • Luke Falk, quarterback for a Washington State team doing better than they have for years, had to be carted off after a hit caused his head to ricochet off the turf -- concussion.
  • Justin Forsett, broken arm.
  • Joe Flacco, ACL.
  • Case Keenum, a few plays later, replacing Flacco, suffered a concussion, but nobody made any moves to remove him from the game... a game which the key play was a fumble he committed a couple plays after that.
That's just a cursory listing from Deadspin over the last couple days.  I don't know about you, but is this basically what you are willing to accept in your "sport"?


I thought hitting a referee was Game Over...

I really did!  I really thought that making physical contact with the official in such a manner to fight the ref was a forfeiture offense, but we seem to be getting a lot of that in today's football.

Yesterday's perpetrator:  Virginia Tech's Dadi Nicholas, who bumped the outstretched arm of Ron Cherry while he was announcing a penalty against Nicholas, and that drew Nicholas 15 more yards.

It's this kind of intimidation that just feeds upon officials skewing calls.  For even those situations some are skeptical of actual game-rigging, I do get told of situations that the referees, instead, are making calls to simply get out of there alive.

I can see that, but the amount of players getting abusive with the officiating has definitely taken an apparent upturn this year.

Friday, November 20, 2015

(Daily Fantasy) New Documents Indicate Scope And Rigging of Daily Fantasy

This is the cost of getting rammed into court -- your dirty laundry becomes public record.

Deadspin reports a couple of interesting finds today in the current legal action to shut down Daily Fantasy in New York (and probably elsewhere!) once and for all...

First was a report that FanDuel employees could go and play on other sites...  "just don't win too much"...

That's usually the equivalent of saying one of you is the right hand and the other of you is the left.  It basically shows that it appears all of the companies are effectively one and the same at some level, and that the game is rigged.  Period.

Second was some of the numbers involved...
  • $25.6 million in New York in 2014 in entry fees, second in states only to the $34.3 here in California, bet on DraftKings.
  • At least $286 million nationwide in 2014 -- probably far more this year.
  • Draft Kings rakes about 10%.
I'm shocked these websites have made it to pro Week 11.  But that shows you how big they are, in that they would've failed and been jailed weeks ago if they hadn't been already.

(High School FB) We knew it was coming...


And no real surprise it came out of Florida...

Florida playoff game in Miami was halted after gunshots rang out.

Miami Central was leading Carol City 36-8 with about three minutes to go when gunshots rang out in the stadium.

Multiple gunmen were in the stadium (an initial report had them near the Carol City bench!!!), several taken into custody.

My God, I can only imagine what went down here, but I guess it had to come to it, didn't it, Football Nation America???

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

European Terrorism: Germany-Netherlands Match Targetted For Apparent ISIS/Copycat Attack

One or the other, but it appears as if a terrorist attack was thwarted yesterday when the Germany-Netherlands match was cancelled, because, according to German broadcaster DW Sports (through Deadspin):