Friday, December 2, 2016

The NFL Gives Thanks For These Contributions: Fine Blotter

  • Dallas Cowboys:  Rolando McClain has been thrown out of the league for his FOURTH drug offense in a year and a half.  He's probably now, if he ever plays again (and the Cowboys do not expect this), looking at 2019 before he can play again, and that's if he stays straight.
  • Buffalo Bills:  Seantrel Henderson is done until mid-next-season, as he's also gotten his second strike of the season for drugs and will sit 10 games.
  • At least five players have received multiple drug strikes since the Super Bowl.
And now to the regular weekly bullshitfest:
  • Pittsburgh Steelers:  Antonio Brown, for at least the THIRD TIME THIS SEASON (and FOURTH in about a year), fined for a touchdown celebration.  $24,309 for him..  He is now a FOUR-TIME LOSER (just this season) with almost $64,000 in fines this year (at least as of current count, $15,000 or so more than the rest of the team combined and more than half the number necessary to get the team fined another $50,000 for accumulation).
  • Pittsburgh Steelers:  And $12,154 for Le'Veon Bell for the same event. 
  • Green Bay Packers:  Julius Peppers:  $9,115 for a facemask.
  • And the Green Bay Packers become the third team to be fined $50,000 under the Club Remittance Policy for over $121,000 in accumulated fines.  They hit the number of $121,540 exactly with the Peppers fine.  That is the seventh game the Packers have had at least one fine.
  • Kansas City Chiefs:  Eric Berry:  $24,309 for a helmet hit.
  • Houston Texans:  Kareem Jackson:  Same fine, same offense.
  • Carolina Panthers:  Derek Anderson:  $12,154 for unsportsmanlike conduct on the sideline.  He was the backup quarterback and may have been ejected for disrespect of an official.
  • Carolina Panthers:  A.J. Klein:  $9,115 for a facemask.
  • Cleveland Browns:  Corey Coleman:  $9,115 for an offensive facemask.

Black Ex-NFL Player Dies In Deliberate Road-Rage Attack, White Attacker Will Not Be Charged

You read that right.

It appears the big lede here is being buried in the death of former New York Jet Joe McKnight.

This is Deadspin, from
A witness, who declined to give her name, said she was leaving a store in the area when she saw a man at the intersection yelling at another man, who was trying to apologize. The man who was yelling shot the other man more than once, she said.
She said the shooter shot the man, stood over him and said “I told you don’t you f—- with me.” Then he fired again, she said.
And now, today, word from numerous media sources:  The shooter, a 55 year-old White business owner named Robert Gasser, will not be charged.

Joe McKnight was unarmed.

Look, I sometimes have cross words for NFL players and the like, but this likely was a racially-motivated attack...

Trump won Louisiana by 20 points, just saying.  Just saying....

You STILL Want To Believe These Games Are Not Fixed?

That's Sam Bradford taking a shot to the head (AND a hand in the face mask) on the two-point conversion play that, when missed and the ensuing onside kick was not recovered, allowed Dallas to go to 11-1 and the front of the line of Super Bowl favorites with a 17-15 escape of now-6-6 Minnesota.

The referee actually told Bradford, it was revealed this morning, that he was not hit in the facemask.

The photo shows otherwise.

Your sport is RIGGED, Football Nation America.  Wake the fuck up....

(Photo from Deadspin, no word on where they got it.)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Week 12 2016 Score Report

Full week last week, the last two byes this week.
  • 42.0625 PPG in a defense-heavy week this week.  Average for the 12 weeks:  45.033 PPG
  • Home teams were 9-7 this week, making 100 wins for the home teams this year -- 100-71-1.
  • Over and spread were both 8-8 this week.  Only three straight-up upsets, though.
  • For the year:  Over:  Six games over .500 (slight Vegas edge).  Against the Spread:  .500 exactly.  Straight Up:  105-61-1.
  • Team with more penalties was actually 6-4 this week.  63-85 for the year.
  • Four Cliffhangers, Five Last Chance Misses, 4 Non-Competitive Games.
  • 37 Cliffhangers and only 42 Non-Competitive Games out of the 177 played.
Current Playoff Booking:
  • Road to the NFC title appears to go through Dallas (10-1).  2 1/2 games up with five to play on Seattle (7-3-1, #2)
  • Detroit and Atlanta both are 7-4 and would have to play and host Wild Card Weekend.  Detroit is now #3 by virtue of conference game record (5-2 vs. 5-3)
  • Giants are the #5 at 8-3 (second best record in the conference, but #5 because the best is in their division), Washington #6 at 6-4-1, over both Minnesota and Tampa at 6-5.
  • Washington at Detroit, Giants at Atlanta
  • The tiebreaker at #1 has flipped.  New England now has it over Oakland (both 9-2) because of conference record.  (7-1 vs. 6-1)
  • Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Houston are all 6-5 and leading their division.
  • First breaker to take care of is Baltimore and Pittsburgh:  (BAL 21 - PIT 14 Week 9, second game in Week 16)
  • So now take care of Baltimore and Houston:  Baltimore #3 on conference record.  (6-2)  Houston #4 (4-4).
  • Kansas City #5 at 8-3.  (Making both #5s ahead of SIX divisional leaders, five divisions and the tie for one of them.)
  • Miami and Denver at 7-4:  Miami #6 and Denver OUT by conference games.  (5-3 vs. 4-3)
  • Kansas City at Houston.  Miami at Baltimore.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

And then there's this dirty-hit artist from Notre Dame...

This joker probably has either played his last game at Notre Dame or is probably being promoted to starter for next season.

Jerry Tillery's last game as a sophomore (Notre Dame went 4-8, there may be a coaching change) was punctuated by two ejection-level fouls.

This first one was for kicking the head of USC's Aca'Cedric Ware after Ware was targetted (with ejection!) by another Notre Dame player.

And then this about 1:45 later!

It's moments like this I begin to question why the police don't get involved sometimes.  He DEFINITELY tried to main the second player.  He was only flagged for the second foul, but NOT ejected.

I'm getting genuinely worried about this Penn State shit now!

They made the Big 10 title game yesterday with Ohio State's win over Michigan and their win over Michigan State.

Jim Harbaugh is FURIOUS at the officiating, and ESPN's Mike Greenberg had SEVERAL Tweets yesterday questioning the officiating.

That was a rigged game, ladies and gentlemen.  No way around it.  I haven't gotten into the meat and potatoes of it, but we are now three wins from the last bastige of decency leaving the sports playing field forever.

It is clear that The Powers That Be want Penn State involved in the CFP this year, and, with Alabama being perceived unbeatable, it gets real interesting.  I could easily see the angle here, and it's looking bad.

Last odds on had Penn State at 50-1 at  As of November 1, Penn State was 300-1 at the Westgate.

If I had enough money to be meaningful right now...

If you don't think the NFL is rigged, explain the 2016 Detroit Lions to me...

This isn't normal, people.  It isn't.

The Detroit Lions are, as of Thursday's win over the Vikings, probably going to win the NFC North.

They have done so with each and every one of their 11 games being within or at 7 points (the old-school "within one score) as of that win.  Never happened before in the NFL.

Also:  Thursday's Double Cliffhanger (tying FG within 2 minutes, winning FG at the gun after a pick) was their SEVENTH Cliffhanger of the year.

Yeah, that happens in random chance...

And, this too:  When Pittsburgh beat Indianapolis in a non-competitive game Thursday night, it marked only the second game since the late Sunday games of the week before last (22 games in all!) that was non-competitive, with no margin 8 points or within at the 4th quarter.

Keep believing, Football Nation America.