Friday, July 13, 2018

Anyone who's been paying attention long enough knows the truth about Papa Jerk.

Ahh, it's good to see the jackass finally getting his.

Papa Jerk may finally have gotten his ass run out of town because of his mouth.

Forbes Magazine reported that "Papa John" Schnatter (he of the moated multi-dozen car garage and other conservative excesses) made the point, in opposition to the NFL National Anthem protests, that Colonel Sanders called Black people n-----s, and faced no repercussions.

He's now out of Papa John's completely, and has been removed from all branding.  Major League Baseball and many other corporate partners have ended their sponsorship deals with Papa John's.  As one example, the NFL has gone to Pizza Hut (as a result of Papa John's actions regarding the protests last fall).

I'm pleasantly surprised -- it would appear that using the slur would actually fit him in well with America's right, and I will be very interested to see if pro-slur boycotts are forthcoming.

Couldn't happen to a "nicer" guy, though.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Two disturbing jurisprudence NFL updates...

  • The woman believed to be the ex-girlfriend of Buffalo's LeSean McCoy DOES, in fact, believe that her ex-boyfriend put out a hit on her for the robbery of jewelry on Tuesday.
  • Kellen Winslow Jr. faces the rest of his life in prison after the charges from his latest escapades came down:  Two counts of rape, two counts of kidnapping with intent to rape, one count forcible sodomy -- and this now involves a third woman, a 2003 17 year-old unconscious victim, in which California law does allow unlimited statute of limitations in certain cases that the prosecutor and the courts believe were met here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Maybe LA itself doesn't WANT LeBron, and, Commissioner Silver, you're wrong...

Two NBA notes:
  • The new LeBron James mural in Los Angeles is gone.  It was completely whitewashed today after a number of Lakers fans basically made it clear that LeBron James may NOT, after all, be welcome in a Laker uniform....  (USA Today)
One graffiti writer refuted his claim as "King James"...

Another simply put "3-6", James' record (or, if you wish, that of his teams') in NBA Finals...

A third called him LeFraud.

And a fourth said "We don't..." something "... you!"

Jonas Never, who painted the mural at Baby Blues BBQ in Lincoln Boulevard in Venice, whitewashed the entire thing shortly thereafter.
  • Adam Silver says the continued dominance of the Golden State Warriors is not a bad thing for the National Basketball Association.
He's wrong.

He's flat wrong.

Adam Silver has existential problems with his league right now.

Is it any wonder that a lot of incompetent GMs and owners are basically stealing money and match-fixing all over the place by tanking what could be half or more of the regular-season contests? 

Isn't it absolutely clear to a lot of people that at least 26 of the 30 NBA franchises are rank useless, a number that could well reach 28 or 29 as of this year??

You wouldn't have this tanking if this weren't a one-team league, in which the Warriors, even they being thuggish assholes the last three years, are one good fourth quarter away from pretty universally being viewed as the greatest team of all time (at least for one season), and be four-time defending champions instead of two?

Why is most of this league, or it's fans, supposed to care if it's now clear that title #4 is, even with LeBron in LA, about a 1-2 shot, according to the SuperBook?

You're wrong, Adam.  Even if I'm a fan of the Warriors if I'm a fan of any NBA team, you've got a problem and it needs to be fixed.  And none of the solutions are pretty.

Another chance to put football itself on trial...

Another big one coming that could further blacken the eyes of the NFL...

The big one is this exploding LeSean McCoy story.

It now appears, the latest reports indicate the Buffalo Bills have a major problem.  LeSean McCoy may have orchestrated an incident at his home, where his ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon lives -- up to and possibly including a hit on her life!!

He has now hired a defense attorney, as evidence appears to indicate a number of men beat Cordon to regain possession of jewelry McCoy claims was his, among other things...

A friend of Cordon's believes McCoy is responsible for sending the men, whom police indicate have probably commited crimes of:
  • Armed Robbery
  • Aggravated Assault With A Firearm
  • Residential Burglary Without Force (????)
  • and Aggravated Battery
(Without Force??????)

The NFL's new policy does allow McCoy to be banned during the investigation, but only if he's charged or the NFL believes he should be (they say it another way, but the fact is it's basically saying the NFL believes he should be charged).

All I have to say is:  Football is going to have to go on trial in one of these cases -- especially if it's becoming clear that McCoy sent armed thugs to do his dirty work...

And that's not the only problems the NFL has right now:
  • Someone else has had enough of Pacman Jones -- an airport worker was arrested for a violent and ugly brawl with Jones in which the worker was arrested (and it's pretty clear this "trainee" for ABM was trying to make a name for himself at Jones' expense...).
  • Kellen Winslow's rape case just took a sudden turn when one of his alleged victims actually, in open court, fingered one of his attorneys instead!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

This ticking timebomb between players and referees has to be dealt with at all levels.

AAU tournament in Georgia, and all Hell breaks loose.

RAW Athletics and it's coach, Howard Martin, have a lot of questions to answer.

About THIS...

Martin claims the ref started it, but by the time most of the video the public sees has commenced, RAW Athletics is assaulting multiple officials.

I will go this far:  In a rarity for these types of events, the referee was an open and willing participant in the fight.  He "wanted to go".

Then a second official (who came from elsewhere because of the incident) seems to go after a man who appears to be Martin.

It looks like at least four players from RAW Athletics threw punches at the refs.

This story is NOT over by a long fucking shot.

Someone needs to be banned from sports for life -- but the fact the refs were more than willing to fight does put a complication in this incident not common in such.

Suspension Blotter: And yet another...

A third suspension was announced just before the holiday:
  • Los Angeles Rams:  Jamon Brown, 2 games.  Substances of abuse.
That now makes half the league have at least one player suspended to start the next season.

You'd think, at some point, this situation would actually get some mainstream attention...

Saturday, July 7, 2018

SHUT UP!!! (so sayeth much of the Internet to the increasing toxicity of the comment section)

I noticed it a couple times in the last week or so, most notably when I was viewing an article on the WWE and Daniel Bryan...

And Deadspin reported it yesterday and my anonymous friend pointed it out:  No more comments section on ESPN....


I will admit to more than a bit of toxicity against idiots over the course of my time on the Internet -- and have been pretty much banned from almost all discussion possible, my latest when I was banned from yet another professional wrestling discussion (Reddit's main one) over what I viewed (and still do) as an effort to gloss over the Kenny Omega story I posted about here earlier this week.

Much of it is just the complete idiocy of people and, frankly, it's just time to get rid of the ability of these 80-IQ morons that pass for sports fans and Donald Trump fans and...  well, in most cases, fans of just about anything.

Most of the forums have become either political dick-waving or...  just dick-waving in general.

Given the general discourse in our country and the complete idiocy of just about everybody therein, it's just time to understand that certain people should just SHUT THE FUCK UP.

(To show this is not limited to sports, CNN had already eradicated the ability to comment to it's articles -- same reason.)