Monday, December 11, 2017

2017 Week 14 Score Report

Starting with the ratings report from Sunday:
  • FOX National (mainly Eagles-Rams):  Up 2% to a 16.0 overnight.  Sports Media Watch notes a 16.0 didn't mean that much in 2013-15, but means a lot now, as it's the biggest overnight since Week 2.  The #NFLBoycott is real, people.  Whether it's working or not -- that's another question.
  • The national window has only improved five times this season -- the other four were all with the Cowboys.
  • Speaking of the Cowboys:  The FOX regional window was up 11%, and featured the Cowboys.  Jerry Jones' "respect the flag OR ELSE" mantra is resonating.
  • CBS single window:  Down 24%.
  • Sunday night was down 30%, but last year's was Cowboys-Giants with both teams heading to the playoffs.
Vegas update:  2-1 for the week, and they were all big...
  • Detroit won (bet is over 7.5) for 7-6.  So I need one of the last three:  Home to Chicago, at Cincy, home to Green Bay.  I could easily see Detroit winning all three of those.
  • Seattle lost (bet is under 10.5) for 8-5.  So I need them to lose one of the last three:  Home to the Rams, at the Cowboys, home to Arizona.  Probably have two realistic shots at that, both decent.
  • New England just shit the bed, and now they must win all three to go over 12.5.  (At Pittsburgh, home to Buffalo and the Jets)
Current storylines, starting AFC:
  1. Pittsburgh at  11-2, won the AFC North this week.  A win over New England next week gets them home-field and makes them Super Bowl favorite.
  2. New England at 10-3.  Can retake the #1 with a win over Pittsburgh, but that makes the last two probably must-win as well.
  3. Jacksonville at 9-4.
  4. Kansas City at 7-6, tiebreaker over Los Angeles with the one win against them, but they play this Saturday night.
  5. Tennessee at 8-5.
  6. And then a mess at 7-6.  Los Angeles, Buffalo and Baltimore.  Los Angeles loses to both Buffalo and Baltimore on conference record (4-5 vs. 5-4), but breaking tie between the remaining two goes all the way to strength of victory (.407 vs. .378)!  The current #6 is the Buffalo Bills.
  1. A lot of people talking the Wentz injury, because Philly has the NFC East wrapped up at 11-2.
  2. The Vikings falling to Carolina makes them 10-3.
  3. Los Angeles is 9-4, tied with Carolina and New Orleans.
  4. Break the divisional tie first, and New Orleans has it by sweeping Carolina (9-4).  LA then gets the #3 by the win over New Orleans.
  5. Carolina at 9-4.
  6. Atlanta at 8-5, Seattle out because Atlanta beat them. 
Five NFC teams 9-4 or better.  Two more 8-5.  This means league heavyweights like Dallas and Green Bay are probably out.

Score report:
  • 43.6875 points per game this week.  Last year was actually under 40 for the week:  39.812.
  • For the season:  44.106 PPG.  Last year:  44.524
  • Home teams continued a good run:  10-6 -- 9-7 last year.
  • Record for home teams now 111-92 (.547)  Last year:  119-84-1 (.586)
  • Home teams are 31-17 since the byes ended.
  • Over was 5-10-1 this year, 6-9-1 last year.  98-103-7 for this season, 103-102-2 last year.
  • Favorites, both this year and last, were 10-6 against the number and 11-5 straight up.
  • For this season:  107-96-5 ATS, 143-65 SU.  99-91-7 ATS, 126-70-1 SU.  I don't think we've had a pick 'em game yet this year -- we had quite a number last year.
  • Team with more penalties was 9-5.  Last year, 4-11.
  • Team with more penalties this year is now 85-107 vs. 72-102 last year.
  • FIVE Cliffhangers this week, including two doubles.  (Green Bay needed 20 unanswered and a Double Cliffhanger to escape the BROWNS.  Buffalo scored 10 of it's 13 points in Cliffhanger mode for the double and the overtime blizzard win over Indianapolis.)  Last year had 3.
  • Total of 40 Cliffhangers this year -- same number as last year.
  • TEN games finished within one score this week.  Most since Week 5.  Last year had 10 as well.
  • Total number of games finishing within one score this season so far is only 101.  Last year:  115.  So one game a week less than last year finishing within one score.
  • Two games were within a score at one point of the fourth (38 for the year, last year had 39).
  • Four non-competitive contests, last year had 5.

Two other VERY UGLY developments today...

First, Manfred approved the trade -- Stanton's a Yankee for nothing in return.  (Sorry, Starlin Castro, you aren't of THAT ILK...)

Excuse me one second, I need to do something symbolic:

Just made sure I cancelled MLB.TV on the annual plan.  Thanks for nothing, Manfred.  It's clear if you aren't a fan of the Red Sox, Yankees, Cubs, or MAYBE Cardinals, forget it, kid...

And Stanton glad to leave, as he said in the press conference -- where he was presented #27.

And the Balls are back in the news -- it sounds like they aren't even going to bother with pretense on the third meal-ticket either, as both LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball signed today with a professional Lithuanian also-ran team -- Prienu Vytautas.

I knew it the moment he yanked the one from UCLA and they said no chance at the NBA -- he was going to Europe.  And now it sounds like his brother is going with him.


The NFL Officially Wants a Riot: No Suspensions for Seattle or Jacksonville

Message sent.  It's on!

The NFL will suspend no players for the incident yesterday.

Three weeks to go, Pittsburgh-New England next week in Pittsburgh.  Oh boy...

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Week 14, and at least the THIRD consecutive week of Supplemental Discipline

And, as egregious as this one is, it shouldn't all fall on the shoulders of that one Seahag.

Seahawks-Jaguars, in a huge one in Jacksonville.  Late in the game, Jacksonville about to win.

Michael Bennett was in the left side there, throwing someone to the ground, several other exchanges, every flag on the field and all sorts of offsetting.  The game announcer (Not the NFL Red Zone person you heard over the top there) was talking this was the chippiness going all day.  Leonard Fournette was also a major player.

It's clear that the Hags were trying to cheap-shot the Jacksonville QB in the victory formation, and that will cost both teams rather significantly.

That said, that wasn't the worst of it.  Not close.

Two Seahawks were thrown out of the game.  Fournette and Bennett only got offsetting roughness penalties.  Sheldon Richardson was thrown out for the refs catching a punch.  (The cameras and announcers caught Fournette jacking a Seahawk in the face mask.)

But it was a DQ from the next kneel-down that got things going worse.  Quinton Jefferson was tossed for a role in a second melee. 

First off, the game should've been terminated.  It was clear this was a powderkeg going off, and The Show Must Go On...

But then the Jacksonville faithful got stupid, and, for whatever penalties Jefferson gets, the Jaguars organization needs to be fined to Hell and back.

Same video, linking at a new point:

At this point, Jefferson is leaving the field, as he should and per procedure. Then, some JACKASS throws a cup of beer at Jefferson from the left of the screen. Jefferson stops, and begins to confront the situation. As Jefferson jaws with several Jaguar fans, another cup is thrown and missed. And then something lands on Jefferson, and he tries to get into the stands, he takes another cup of beer...

Jefferson may have played his last game this year for that. But, for whatever penalty he gets, Jacksonville should be fined six figures BIG TIME. There were at least four things thrown at Jefferson as he was trying to leave.

The war is on...

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Rob Manfred Has Declared Open Season on the Dodgers, and everyone else not in the elite caste...

Gioncarlo Stanton, pending a physical (and technical league approval) is a New York Yankee.

All Hail The New Bronx Bombers.


A lot of Dodgers fans have feared, for many moons now, that they are basically being told to shut the fuck up and that the Guggenheims need to accept the Dodgers are not in the top tier of the caste system of baseball (Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Cubs, maybe Cardinals).

You want a good indication of how fucked up this is?

The trade is supposed to be Stanton for Starlin Castro and two low-end prospects.

Let that process.

And this is clear collusion between Derek Jeter and his former club, and Rob Manfred is about to sign off on it (making him part of the collusion).

And you know who this is aimed at:  The Dodgers, the most-UNfavored nation in baseball.

Wow.  Manfred, you ain't even trying to hide it, are you?

Friday, December 8, 2017

I got arrested for less than this, but it's the new normal in the social media NFL of the mid-2010's

Checking for Fine Friday on Pro Football Talk -- a surprisingly good source for fines when they are publicized, since it's NBC -- I find this little ditty that shows There Is No Law.

Geno Smith was made the starter last week over Eli Manning with the Giants. That move resulted in the firing of head coach Ben McAdoo and GM Jerry Reese this week, their replacements immediately reinstalling Manning as quarterback.

According to Geno's father Geno Jr. (which would probably make this Geno The Third...), it also resulted in a death threat against father and son...
“I was just at work,” Geno Smith Jr. told Duggan. “I answered and he was like, ‘Geno?’ So I just listened and he was like, ‘Is this Geno?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ He was like, ‘Your son better not start or we’re going to kill you.’ I kind of just laughed and then he hung up.”
NFL Security nor the Giants were notified.  Why?  Dad says it best:
“If someone was going to kill me, they ain’t going to call me and tell me,” he said.

Sean Payton's going to get fined for that -- he may just also have sunk the Saints...

... or, at the very least, exposed that they probably have been sunk.

It appears, if you listen to New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton last night, that the NFL rigged the Atlanta Falcons the victory over the Saints last night.

Payton has been blasting anyone in his path since the game (including today) about numerous errors he believes the officiating crew made in the contest.  He is being investigated by the league for his conduct, and may be fined quite a bit for his continued tirades.

The last one was the Last Chance Miss -- as, if you believe the league narrative, he lost the game by losing the plot, garnering an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty by running onto the field to call a time out with about one minute left.  It appears that Peyton is claiming the official badgered him into the penalty.

Now, there are false alarms about this kind of thing (Seahawks-Patriots last year reeked a Seahags rig-job to push them, and we all saw what happened), but there has to be some belief that the NFL, for whatever reason (Seattle and LA probably the top two candidates), may be about to de-push the surprising Saints and a defense, moribund for years, that has surprised - with a ton of fines attached.

As of right now, this might be the final gasps for the Saints as a Super Bowl contender, which would leave Philadelphia, Minnesota, and whoever wins the NFC West between the Rams and Seahawks as the main candidates on that side of the ledger.

To me, I think everything revolves around that game next week in Pittsburgh between the Patriots and Steelers -- if the Steelers win, think Philly.  If the Patriots win, the rest of that group comes into play in various respects.