Saturday, April 25, 2015

It's basically official, per Rob Manfred: "HAVE AT IT, BOYS!!"

7 games for Yordano Ventura.

Never mind that this is the third game in a row he's cleared the benches.

Edison Volquez of the Royals, Chris Sale and Jeff Samardzija -- 5 games each.

Lorenzo Cain, two games.

And Kelvin Herrera, already suspended and on appeal for what should've been at least a fucking MONTH for basically saying he was going to bean Lawrie of Oakland, gets two more games tacked on for his role in this brawl.

Manfred:  Time to start the suspensions for the Fightin' Royals at about a month.  Start with the manager.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Season is three weeks old, and the Royals have now been involved in THREE major incidents...

Here's another one, and it's Yordano Ventura again.

Hits somebody in the 4th inning, but it's three innings later when he took a comebacker, threw an expletive at the guy, threw him out...

... and then all Hell broke loose.

Pushing and shoving to start, the second series of altercations added punches.

Look, Ventura should've been banned at least five games to begin with (and, if you tack Sunday's on afterward, he could've had that doubled himself), but this is getting out of hand.

In just 16 games, nine Royals players (plus several managers and coaches) have been tossed in at least three major incidents and who knows how many minor ones.

Here's the worst part of it:  The Royals are 12-4, and the only team with a better record right now in MLB is the Mets at 13-3.

Is anyone else beginning to think part of that 12-4 came with this "We're going to fuck you up!" attitude?

Manfred, NOW.  Or else you sanction this and you're going to see a long, hot summer of it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Since the other two got overturned, how long before Greg Hardy plays again?

10 games for domestic violence and obstructing the investigation.

Greg Hardy was the "third wheel" in the first wave of the debacle of "Sports Gone Insane".

Both Peterson and Rice were reinstated, so how am I not supposed to believe that the NFL, openly TRYING to get it's Personal Conduct and Player Safety policies overturned in the name of "Bad Men Doing Bad Things To Bad Men", is not going to have this overturned too?

For the record, according to the Twitter feeds, it took precisely NINETEEN MINUTES for the NFLPA to announce it was appealing.

The shithead son of a bitch plays Week 1.  Put that down in writing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sounds to me like Blinded By The Light wants MLB to be more like the NFL...

So, let's see...

Brett Lawrie of the A's injures one of the Royals players with a slide into second the Royals think is dirty on Friday night.

So, Saturday, he's plunked by Yordano Ventura.  Ventura is tossed, and was fined today.

Sunday, Kelvin Herrera is tossed (one of five Royals to be tossed), and then points at his head in the fracas, implying that's where Lawrie's next pitch is going...

... and only gets a five-game suspension.

At that point, Manfred, you have to suspend Lawrie for the injurious slide...

Or are you going to take yet another cue from the NFL (your first being increasing offense, your second is the all-but-certain return of The Steroid Era), and let players and teams go at it?

Herrera should've been banned a month, his manager should've gotten 5-10 games.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

... and Cub Owner has to Cub Owner.

More wonderfulness from the Ricketts family and that disastrous renovation attempt at Wrigley...

In a move which should only be done if there's a clear and present danger (but it's actually being done as a massive FUCK YOU), Deadspin reports today that the Cubs have erected a middle finger barrier that prevents the fans from trying to get the autographs of players after the game.

It's almost as if the Ricketts family expects trouble.



Deadspin and my anonymous friend get hat-tips on this wonderful Twitter gem.

CBS Los Angeles Doesn't Get Soccer, Irony

FOX had an English FA Cup semifinal -- NBC had it's comprehensive coverage of the regular English Premier League play.

Yeah, they TRIED to retract the tweet, but COME ON...