Sunday, September 25, 2016

What the fuck are you DOING, ESPN???

So, at the behest of my anonymous friend, I pop on to for a moment.

Sunday night game...
Les Miles fired...
THEN Jose Fernandez' death (which NEVER became the top story on the website all day, and certainly wouldn't now -- let me finish and you'll see why...)
THEN Vin Scully's last home game, punctuated with a division-winning walk-off home run!

And that's the headlines on the front page as of 6:42 PM PDT.

And then, just as I'm typing this..  (Literally just as I'm typing this, I had checked seconds before and got that list!) NOW...  An hour and 15 minutes or so after most other sites confirmed it...

You finally have the time to tell us Arnold Palmer passed away today.

There are people whom, under no circumstances, want me to use your service as a source when the news merits it.


Week 2 Fine Blotter racking up in a hurry

Either last year was an anomaly, or the NFL is striking back, especially on celebrations.

At least two TWO TIME LOSERS...
  • New York Giants:  Reports indicate Odell Beckham Jr. has been fined $36,462 for a crack-back block.  Now, because this is his sixth fine in a little over two seasons (and second in two weeks -- and he's facing an old rival this week (so much so the referees pulled them both aside before the game)), apparently the next one will get him suspended for his record -- and, if the past is any indication, that suspension could be 2-3 games.
  • Denver Broncos:  Also fined in back-to-back weeks, Darian Stewart, $9,115 for Roughing the Passer.  Should've been multiplied by four.
Other fines for Week 2...
  • Buffalo Bills:  Stephon Gilmore, $9,115 for a face mask.
  • New York Jets:  Two $9,115 fines for taunting:  Eric Decker and Sheldon Richardson.
  • Carolina Panthers:  One can almost expect, the way the league is going this year, that we may be headed toward the college rules on celebrations.  Two $12,154 fines for celebrations:  Devin Funchess and Kelvin Benjamin.
  • Minnesota Vikings:  Stefon Diggs, $12,154 for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Chicago Bears:  Akiem Hicks, $18,231 for Roughing the Passer
  • Pittsburgh Steelers:  Javon Hardgrave, $18,231 for a Horse Collar Tackle
  • Green Bay Packers:  Mike Daniels, $18,231 for Roughing the Passer
  • Oakland Raiders:  Marquette King, $18,231 for a Horse Collar Tackle.  King is the Raiders' PUNTER.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Once Again, The Burgeoning Race War In This Country Invades College Football

Another example of the rising racial tensions in this country hit Eastern Michigan University earlier this week when white supremacist graffiti was found in a dorm this week.

A protest was planned -- peacefully -- for the end of last night's game between Eastern Michigan and Wyoming.  The students marched on the field, joined by at least one Wyoming player.

The protest went completely as negotiated with the University and planned -- unlike one earlier this week when some dipshit decided to attempt to run over as many protestors as she could with her SUV!

The great thing, according to the Deadspin report, was that CBS Sports Network, covering the game, chose, also, to cover the protest as a news story -- not only when it happened, but with everything which led up to it.

As I've said with several other posts on the subject, it's on and it's no longer avoidable:  Something's going down here.  And something's going down here real damned soon, if it's not already beginning in progress.

We talk about the illegal hits, but even the legal ones do damage...

Two from Deadspin here.  The first is another Deadspin Targeting Ejection of the Week from Friday night.

And then, an example from this morning that even a legal hit probably does brain damage.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Before We Hit Week 2, Here's the Rest of Week 1's Fine Blotter

(Source:  Spotrac)
  • Minnesota Vikings:  Eversen Griffen:  $18,231, Roughing the Passer
  • San Diego Chargers:  Jahleel Addae:  $24,309, Helmet Hit
  • Seattle Seahawks:  Michael Bennett:  $9,115, Celebration
  • Green Bay Packers:  Randall Cobb:  $9,115, Face Mask
  • New York Giants:  Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz:  $12,154 each for a Celebration foul.
  • Cincinnati Bengals:  Michael Johnson:  $9,115, Roughing the Passer
  • New York Jets:  Eric Decker:  $9,115 for Unsportsmanlike Conduct
  • Atlanta Falcons:  Robert Alford:  $9,115 for Fighting
  • New England Patriots:  Julian Edelman:  $24,309, Defenseless Player Hit
  • Arizona Cardinals:  Chandler Jones:  $12,154, Celebration
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Gerald McCoy:  $12,154, Celebration
  • New England Patriots:  Cameron Fleming:  $18,231, Leg Whip foul
  • Buffalo Bills:  Jerry Hughes:  $18,231, Roughing the Passer
  • Detroit Lions:  DeAndre Levy:  $9,115, Taunting
So, counting all that up with the others I posted last week:  (Antonio Brown's two, Denver's two helmet-shot fines, Trai Turner (note:  SEVEN of these fines (including one of Brown's and Turner's) were for excessive celebrations!!),  and DeAndre Hopkins')...

16 teams had fines in Week 1.

The total, at least as of this report, for Week 1, was $294,730.

And I don't know if I got this one:
  • Another free agent suspended.  Manny Lawson, cut by the Bills on September 2nd (which would've been their FOURTH player suspended), suspended two games last Friday for a domestic situation -- which probably resulted in him getting cut.  Some of the Spotrac information on contracts is now a premium part of the service, but the forfeiture appears to be somewhere in the line of about $300,000 or so, probably a third of that going to the league for Suspension Number Four.

Something to keep an eye on, especially if the NFL is going with the Old Reliable Cheatriots...

(General Source: article.)

NFL Ratings for the first two weeks are down.


MNF Week 2 was the lowest ratings for a Week 2 MNF game since ESPN took the package from ABC...
(Rich Greenfield is a media analyst with hands in Goldman Sachs and the like.)

The Breitbart article believes, however, much of the problem lies at the feet of Colin Kaepernick and the other protestors of the National Anthem.  They believe (let's be blunt, WHITE) America has turned off the games in droves as a number of the players actually insist that people of their color and heritage (and, when taken to Megan Rapinoe in soccer, their sexuality) have these little things called RIGHTS!

There's another possibility, the New York Post posits:  This shitfest of an election has so enraptured the country that the cable NEWS NETWORKS are now topping the ratings and television, basically across the board, is suffering at or near double-digit-percent losses (just as the NFL has for the first two weeks! -- the Post article saying the NFL in all of Week 2 was down 12% YoY, with Fox News being the #1 network in all of television!).

I will give a third option to that.  Breitbart is correct to note the departures of Peyton Manning through retirement and Tom Brady through suspension.  He is also correct to note the lame-duck situations in both San Diego and Oakland, among other weak NFL markets.

The facts are this:  There are not that many names the NFL cares to market anymore.

I'll leave an exercise to the reader here:  Sit down with yourself when you have time and make a mental list (or write it down, if you so choose) of the players the NFL would market toward a Super Bowl (or have marketed toward a Super Bowl) who are still in the league and going to play meaningfully this year (so remove Romo and Peterson from the equation).

I don't think you're going to come up with a very long list.  It's one of the reasons I now believe my prediction made before the season is dead.  Adrian Peterson is out for the year, and the Patriots just ran the Texans off the field to be 3-0 during Brady's suspension.

Here's my list:

Eli Manning (and he was more of a sidebar than anything)
Aaron Rodgers (whose run at being pushed to Super Bowls is probably over!)
Cam Newton (and the jury is still out as to whether Newton will be ever pushed to WIN one)
Drew Brees (who is long past his prime and his days are done as far as the push)
Marshawn Lynch and the Legion of Boom (the former is retired -- the latter is still a point very worthy of discussion, but you need to score more than 15 points in two weeks, even if you only give up 19)
Colin Kaepernick (pushed for one appearance, now done)
Tom Brady and the Cheatriots (probably #1 now)
Ben Roethlesberger (see Rodgers, probably more likely he gets one more than Rodgers, but can't see that day)
JJ Watt (the Texans are probably now where the Vikings were for a number of years -- and will the league ever put the push behind ONE defensive player?)

and that's about my list.  Take a look at the last 15 Super Bowls:

50:  Peyton Manning (Retirement)
XLIX:  Tom Brady/Prevention of LoB winning another
XLVIII:  Legion of Boom/Lynch
XLVII:  Ray Lewis (Retirement)
XLVI:  Eli Manning/Prevention of New England winning another
XLV:  Aaron Rodgers/Prevention of Pittsburgh winning another
XLIV:  Katrina/BountyGate Saints
XLIII:  Roethlesberger/Marketing Money Steelers >> Cardinals
XLII:  Eli Manning/Revelations of Spygate
XLI:  Peyton Manning
XL:  Jerome Bettis (Retirement)
XXXVI-XXXIX:  Tom Brady/Patriots/Patriotism, with the one year of make-up to Gruden and the Raiders.

If you want one look at why NFL ratings might be slipping, the NFL believes (and was right until this year!) that the fans would watch anyway.

Would they watch THESE GUYS, though?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Especially with one city effectively under Martial Law, we have to go HERE again???

On a beautiful weekend for baseball (except how does Playstation Vue NOT have the local CW channels, the one in LA being the one to cover the Dodgers as Vin Scully is about to retire after two-thirds of a century??!?!?!?), we have to do this...

Don't we, soon-to-be-ex-Mariner Steve Clevenger??

This isn't the first recent underpinning of racism in the former National Pastime (Madison Bumgartner's hit list and what might be motivating that, though that's rumored; the Orioles' Adam Jones refusing to protest in the style of Colin Kaepernick because he feels baseball is now a "White Man's Sport"...), but it sounds like Clevenger wants out of Seattle.

How do we know this?
Nightengale works MLB for USA Today and is an MLB Network insider, and reports on these words Clevenger has for some of the racial protestors running around these days in his latest USA Today column.

Mike Coppinger of USA Today and Jon Humbert of KOMO-TV in Seattle found these reactions by Clevenger in his private Twitter account...
It's on.  The only question is how much longer do we go until it's every city and major-sized town in America at once.

For those who can't get the photo and screenshot situation right, the media of Humbert's tweet has two different Tweets the asshole made, screencaptured by an anonymous Seattle Twitter account (the handle is above -- it's now being attached to the BLM movement, probably in protest of Clevenger's comments):
"Black people beating whites when a thug got shot holding a gun by a black officer haha shit cracks me up!  Keep kneeling for the Anthem!"
"BLM is pathetic once again!  Obama you are pathetic once again!  Everyone involved should be locked behind bars like animals!"
The more I see, the more I ask people when the shooting is going to start...

EDIT TO ADD 10:30 AM PDT 9/23/16:  Clevenger has been suspended the remainder of the season by the Mariners.