Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Nuclear Winter Olympics Day 9 Part 2: The Last Thing the USOC Needed Right Now

It's been reported before, and no surprise that perverts with the power of selection have done this.

But the scale to which the Orange County Register's exclusive investigation, reported also by Deadspin, has gone to indicates that it appears that, much like USA Gymnastics, who won medals for USA Swimming and who didn't might well have been decided by which girls and women accepted groping, fondling, and rape -- and which said no.

And it needs to be said like that to properly put responsibility to these men who have all but assured that the USOC needs to be disbanded and whatever athletes not involved (in any and all sports for America) compete in Tokyo independently.

The Register article includes a speech by then-USA Swimming President Ron Pool, trying to urge this shit to stop.

This was 2005.  According to documentation the California paper has collated, it has not only not stopped, it's gotten worse -- up to and including underage prospects, Olympians, etc.

The executive director, Chuck Wielgus, who thankfully is no longer with us, with how much is alleged he may have been the ringleader of this with respect to USA Swimming, was not touched by it in the least, and, five years later in a deposition, said nothing had been done.

Well, something needs to be done:  The complete disqualification of the USOC for a systematic ignorance of, at minimum, state winked-and-nodded sexual abuse -- to the level the IOC needs to step in and create an Independent Athletes designation for 2020.

You really need to read this shit.  Money was involved -- grants for facilities, money for a world-renowned coach who was sexually assaulting his charges...  Any insurance local affiliated clubs had was through USA Swimming -- which basically required they allow this kind of bullshit!!!

USA Swimming paid almost $80,000 to try to stop a law allowing women and girls to sue their coaches and sanctioning bodies through California law!

At least 250 different coaches of nearly 600 different girls and women have been arrested in the time Wielgus was executive director.

It's time.  The USA has got to go after PyeongChang.

ESPN: Please do not piss off our advertisers, you will be buried...

ESPN has been caught by Deadspin yet again!

Mike Rodak wrote an article about the Buffalo Bills' Preston Brown, the leading tackler in the National Football League last season -- and the improvements he made to get there.

Sounds like a sensible story.

Brown told Rodak that one of the ways he did so was to take all the fast food he used to eat at Wendy's out of his diet.

Sensible, but it got the story buried and the headline changed!

Why?  You can guess it.  Wendy's is an ESPN sponsor, and we just can't have that!!!

A Facebook post, a reference to the Wendy's changes in the ESPN NFL Twitter, and all reference to the omission of Wendy's from his diet was removed from the article!

The Nuclear Winter Olympics, Day 9: The USA Medal Count Is Like California

  • When the drought mitigates, it only mitigates some for the United States.  Yes, they got their first medal in over 48 hours on the short track last night (John-Henry Krueger snared silver, only the fourth non-gold medal for the USA), but their total of nine (with a very non-promising day and night upcoming Sunday in Korea) leaves them an increasingly-distant tied for fourth on the total table with Austria, Japan, and the Olympic Athletes from Russia.
  • We appear to be headed for another "split title", as Germany leads under the Olympic table standard of golds with nine, but Norway (7 golds) has a significant total medal lead with 22 to Germany's 17.  Canada (5 golds, like the USA) has 15 total medals.
  • Seventeen countries have won gold medals, seven more and the Olympic Athletes from Russia (even though they are tied with the USA, Austria, and Japan at 9 total, they have the opposite situation as the USA.  USA is 5-2-2.  OAR is 0-2-7!) have medaled.
  • As of present reckoning, 21 countries (including Russia, who still tops the table) won gold medals (Russia and Norway are now considered tied with 11 golds after four Russian medals (two gold, two silver) have been so far yanked.  Five more countries medals, for a total of 26, one more than right now for PyeongChang.
  • No country, as of yet, has won their first medal in a Winter Games in PyeongChang.
  • Speaking of the USA and OAR, the "Cold War" with the OAR athletes continues, as the largely KHL OAR team reasserted itself as favorites to win the men's hockey gold with a 4-0 schooling of the USA (which I'm surprised wasn't worse!!) -- and the sportsmanship of the OAR was brought into question.  (Yahoo!)  Psst...  Hey, Americans...  They're PISSED.
  • Many Trump-Humpers got LOL's at Lindsey Vonn's expense after she became the latest high-profile USA crash-out of these Games in the giant slalom.  Made me wonder:  As hard as these people have worked -- could we actually be seeing some of these athletes losing their edge because they are not 100% committed to representing Trump's America?
  • Thomas Bach has announced the IOC will aid North Korea in appearing at the Tokyo Games in 2020.  (Inside the Games)
  • And let's keep pouring gasoline on the fire, United States!  Next week, the Helsinki Commission, an independent European security agency of the US government, will tackle issues raised by the Russian doping scandal.  (Inside the Games)
  • Elise Christie of Great Britain had to be stretchered off the ice last night when she took a skate from a Chinese skater to the leg -- and SHE was the one disqualified!  (Yahoo!)

The Nuclear Winter Olympics, Day 8, Part 2: Mark these words and call me crazy...

The USA is now well over 48 hours without a medal -- and at least another 24 on the horizon, as Day 9 does not look to be particularly promising either.

With half the events over, the USA is on pace for a medal total of sixteen, it's lowest since Nagano.

With Vonn, Shiffrin (in one event), Jacobellis, Chen, and others falling well short, the "America First" crowd is going to call for the USOC to be answerable.

That and the Dr. Nassar stuff will have Trump ordering heads -- probably ALL OF THEM.

A complete flush of the USOC is probably going to be done shortly after these Games.  And though it may be couched in Dr. Nassar, it's not going to get that far.

Under the SI medal count projections, a medal count of 16 would finish seventh, and probably lower because of the success of other countries.

The USA (8 current) could be outmedaled in total by the Olympic Athletes from Russia (8), the Netherlands (13), France(7), maybe Austria (9), Canada will (13), even Japan after the figure skating today (9)...

With no real hope of medaling tonight in more events, the USA, as of the time of writing, stands tied for seventh with the Olympic Athletes of Russia for the total of eight.

A lot of the people who have mocked this prediction already on Olympic discussions underestimate...  People are now beginning to report and discover:  This team, across the board, is not very good.

There is at least one high-profile big-money Olympic gold medalist who should be sent home and disqualified.

There is now a real case for the removal of the United States of America from the Olympic movement.

This is NOT going to stand -- not in "America First" of God-Emperor PussyGrabber I.

The USOC had best start preparing mass resignations, dated probably about the 26th of February.

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Nuclear Winter Olympics, Day 8: Take That Pence. (And Trump. And NBC. And Amero-Centric People.)

  • Just keep trying to piss off Adam Rippon, homophobes.  He'll just come back and really start having fun on your asses.  He doesn't have the jumps to compete with the Asians, but he's seventh and almost certainly will be the top American male finisher after the free skate tonight.
  • And that might not be the only thing pissing off the "America First" crowd.  The United States athletes had a very bad night on a night a number of the top names were seen to cash in.  Jacobellis, 4th in the snowboard cross.  Shiffrin, 4th in the slalom (her best event).  Nathan Chen shows he probably didn't belong here.
  • Of course, you could be Canada right now, asking questions about your 0-3 women's curling team.
  • But, on the other side of the ledger, there is this!!

That was the back end of the men's 15K cross-country race.

German Madrazo of Mexico finished last in the event.  And no surprise in that -- he was one of a number of skiers (who came to congratulate him and hoist him as the winner came by to send his regards!) who took up cross-country skiing and tried to see if they could finish the Olympic course.  (And yes, that guy in the red is the "Shirtless Tongan", Pita Taufatofua, competing in his event!).

When Madrazo came into the arena where the start-finish line was, he was greeted with a warm welcome, and a Mexican flag to take over the line with him.
  • And, according to Taufatofua, he's now going to try to qualify for a water sport for Tokyo.  (Deadspin
  • I usually don't think of posting comments unless they're completely idiotic, but I have to do this one:  "Dr. Emilio Lazardo" on Deadspin notes, about Taufatufua's finish:  "To be fair, he is probably exhausted from having more sex than any of the 113 men who finished in front of him."
  • A possible scare of Mikaela Shiffrin that might have larger implications than just the loss last night:  She was known to have been vomiting before her first run yesterday.  She said she might have come down with something.  And now, news this morning that the norovirus outbreak has hit the skiers -- two Swiss freestyle skiers have been confirmed with the virus.  (MSN)
  • One of the two was Fabian Boesch, who became a social-media sensation when he posted a picture of himself goofing off, hanging off the outside rail of an escalator.
  • There is much concern as to some of the attendance figures of events in the Games in Korea.  The MSN article gives seven reasons this could be happening:  
  • The fact that organizers have tailored the scheduling for prime-time television in different targeted regions of the world (leading to figure skating being held in the morning to cater to USA audiences -- and some of the cross-country very late at night to cater to Europeans!) is one.
  • Another:  Nobody's buying even walk-up tickets available for every event -- including the men's short program -- yesterday!
  • The continuing Cold War between the Olympic Athletes From Russia (and their fans) and...  pretty much everybody else!!! ...  has caught the ire of the IOC.  Gunilla Lindberg of the IOC Executive Board is blasting athletes isolating the OAR for violating the Olympic spirit in and of themselves.  (Inside the Games)
  • And don't think this isn't lost on OAR athletes.  Just ask Slovenia's men's hockey team, who is checking for the license plate number of that truck that scored five goals in 12 minutes and ran them out of the building 8-2 last night!
  • And, and United States?  You see that same team tonight, for first in the group!
  • HOORAY BEER!!!  Red Stripe Beer has bought a new sled for the Jamaican women's bobsled team to assure they will compete at the Games.  (Inside the Games)
  • Medals:  Norway has pulled ahead of Germany in the total.  Norway has 19 total medals, Germany 15, the Netherlands and Canada 13 each.  Germany heads the Olympic standard table with nine gold medals, the Netherlands and Norway with six each.  The USA was completely shut out yesterday on a day many thought several medals could've come their way, as they stand with five gold medals (fourth on the Olympic standard), but a distant tie for fifth in the total with eight (with Austria and the Olympic Athletes from Russia).

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Nuclear Winter Olympics, Day 7: IOC Member Sent Off

  • Adam Pengilly, a British member of the IOC, has been expelled from the Games and sent home after an incident with a security guard in which Korean officials claim Pengilly may have knocked down a security officer who ordered Pengilly, even after his credentials had been presented, to leave an area Pengilly thought he was entitled to be at.  (Inside the Games)
  • A Russian bobsledder is claiming that, even with all of the different stories about Russians flaunting in the face of the OAR restrictions, that Russian athletes are on course to march as Russian athletes in the Closing Ceremony.  (Inside the Games)
  • To that end, Dick Pound is accusing the IOC of letting Russia "shoot the messenger" about all this, and it appears as if the IOC has no merit in actually enforcing it's edicts against Russia.  It is believed Pound is boycotting the Closing Ceremony because of the Russian controversy -- and it's also believed that the IOC is trying to undercut Pound about his protest.  (Inside the Games)
  • Perhaps a lot of this is happening because of regret at the Russian disqualification, now knowing they would have to do the same to the United States if they followed any kind of similar criteria?
  • Sixteen people have been injured by the damaging winds which have wreaked havoc on Gangneung Olympic Park -- biathlon events have been postponed as well as the complete rewrite of the Alpine skiing schedule.  And, one afternoon and evening, the entire park was cleared due to concerns the whole shebang might come down or something.  (Inside the Games)
  • The International Paralympic Committee has registered a Russian neutral team (a "Paralympic Athletes From Russia") for the Paralympic Games next month.  (Inside the Games)
  • Medal Count:  Though NBC is happy about another featured American athlete gaining gold, as Mikaela Shiffrin won the women's Giant Slalom yesterday, the Germany-Norway battle lines are being drawn.  Germany now has nine gold medals to top the Olympic standard table, and 15 total.  Norway leads the total, however, with 17.  Canada, with four golds, is third in the total with 13.  The Netherlands have 12.  And even though the United States has five gold medals so far, they have only three others, for a total of eight -- fifth in the total by an increasing distance.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Nuclear Winter Olympics, Day 6: How many more of you jerks going to get fired?

  • KNBR has fired Patrick Connor, the guy who made the sexually-suggestive comment about underage gold-medalist Chloe Kim.  No word yet on Barfstool... (Yahoo!)
  • If my memory serves, this is at least the fourth KNBR employee to be fired for on-air comments.
  • The coach of the women's Jamaican bobsled team has quit.  It is possible this may mean they will be unable to compete.
  • Medals:  Germany now leads in the total (12) and golds (7).  Netherlands is second on the table with 5 golds and a total of 11, the total matched by Norway (but they only have 3 golds).  Canada has 10 total.  Japan and the USA have 7 total each, but the USA's 4 golds puts them third in the Olympic-standard table.