Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Rio Farce, Day -9: Here We Go, Fuck Me... SHUT UP NBC!!!!

I had a feeling this was coming.

Deadspin again.

One of the highlights of the Opening Ceremonies is the otherwise interminable Parade of Nations, where all of the athletes who can walk the track and take positions in the center.

When possible (for example, the Chinese "alphabet" has no "order" - I forget what was eventually done), the host country picks their language or one of them, and the 200+ nations (plus a Refugee Team this year) will march into the stadium in alphabetical order, except Greece always leads the procession and the hosts are last.  (When Athens hosted a recent Olympics, the Greeks marched twice!)

In English-speaking countries, this means that most American Olympics flag-wavers television viewers have to wait the better part of a couple hours (the official YouTube video of the London Parade is just under an hour and 40 minutes) of the interminable NBC coverage (in which many lesser nations are skipped for commercials!!) until "USA!  USA!!  USA!!!" marches in.

A Sao Paulo newspaper has reported that NBC is not happy that the Portugese language (only the national language of Brazil) is being used.


United States of America translates to...

Estados Unidos da America

(not dissimilar to Spanish)

With the obvious result that instead of forcing their Olympic flag-wavers to sit through most of the parade (the London video shows the USA entering at 1:27:44), they would enter quite early in the procession.  Yes, there would be similar reordering of other nations, but, as a guideline, if we inserted "Estados Unidos da America" into the London ceremony, the EUA (Portugese abbreviation for USA) would enter at about 32 minutes (after Equatorial Guinea, before Estonia).

That's 55 minutes of commercials and useless twatter that NBC would not be able to subject many American Olympic watchers to.  And they aren't happy and they are trying to change it.

In fact, Wikipedia has the apparent order of nations on a page cataloging the parade and who will bear the flag for each nation.

The United States will enter 64th, behind the Estados Federados da Micronesia (the Federated States of Micronesia) -- which will almost certainly merit a commercial break after the entrance of Spain (Espanha).  Estonia will enter afterward.  Ironically, the Russian team which is not disqualified enters as Federacao Russia, with only Estonia and Ethiopia separating the USA from Russia.  That COULD be a problem.

In the London Games, the USA entered 195th of the 205 nations.

Other major moves are countries like
  • Africa do Sul (South Africa, who now enters 3rd, with only Greece and Afghanistan preceding them)
  • Alemanha (Germany, entering 5th, after Albania)
  • Arabia Saudita (Saudi Arabia, 10th, after Antigua and Barbuda)
  • Catar (Qatar, 39th)
  • The country which preceded the USA in London has to make a larger move:  Emirados Arabes Unidos (United Arab Emirates, 57th)
  • Eslovenia, Eslovakia, and Espanha (Slovenia, Slovakia, and Spain, 60th, 61st, and 62nd)
  • Filipinas (Philippines, 69th)
  • First move the other direction is a somewhat minor one: Guiné Equatorial (Equitorial Guinea, 83rd)
  • The country 3rd from last in the alphabetical part of English 2012 Parade moves to 88th, Iemen (Yemen)
  • All of the "Islands" nations move, as, in Portugese, all of their names start with Ilhas (Cayman, Cook, Marshall, Solomon, US Virgin (Ilhas Virginas Americanas), and British Virgin (Ilhas Virginas Britanicas) are 89th-94th)
  • Then we normalize a bit for quite a while, about a third of the total, until we hit Quênia (Kenya, at 151st) and Quirguistão (Kyrgyzstan, 152nd)
  • Many of the "Republic" nations also have to move, similar to the Islands:  Their names all start with República (Central-African, (South) Korea, Moldova, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican, (Islamic Republic of) Iran, (People's Republic of) China, (North) Korea, Laos, and the Czech Republic are 153-162).
  • Samoa Americana (American Samoa, from 5th to 166th.)
So I don't want to hear this shit, NBC.  I really don't.

If you want cover something really important that might actually mean something positive this night if it is allowed to complete without a terrorist attack, I will be glad to provide you one right at the end of the line, just before Brazil...

The last non-Brazilian team to enter is the first-ever Atletas Olímpicos Refugiados :  The Refugee Olympic Athletes Team. Ten athletes.  Six in track and field, two in judo, two swimmers.  Five of the six track athletes escaped from South Sudan and the civil war in Sudan.  The two judo athletes both escaped from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The two swimmers are both Syrian.  The sixth track athlete is a marathoner who escaped Ethiopia.

If you really want to do something positive:  GIVE THESE MEN AND WOMEN A FUCKING MOMENT!

And don't worry, you can hype the flag and the torch and the cauldron (I'm almost willing to bet money it's Pele to light it!).

But as for the USA being "too early" in the Parade of Nations, shut the fuck up.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Rio Farce, Day -10. Add Argentina to the List.

Latest reports have Argentina preparing to re-house it's athletes off-site -- and either a translation error or a very strong statement inferring their neighbors to the north have nothing but sabotaged the Olympic Village with all of the travails already reported.

And to all of the idiots in the Deadspin comment section of the report indicating:  "They've worked all their lives for this!"...  Does that extend to being willing to die to consummate it?

Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, Argentina...  and we're still 10 days from the Opening Ceremony.

And, Abby Johnston of the US Diving Team has but one problem, and it's not the facilities...

She can't play Pokemon Go.  #FirstWorldProblems

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Rio Farce, Day -11: So how many athletes do you want to die in your Olympic Village, Rio?

Good God...

Deadspin reports tonight that only 12 of the 31 buildings which are supposed to be the Olympic Village for Rio de Janeiro passed any sort of a safety inspection (false, rudimentary, or otherwise).

Reports, in addition to the reported problems with the Australian Olympic Team, now include a small fire in the Village.

Add the Netherlands and Italy to the growing list of countries either refusing to stay in the Village or demanding money to do so!  The latter has even brought in their own construction team to finish the rooms themselves!

I'm giving it til some time Thursday (which is when organizers SAY they'll sort things out by) before one of the countries just up and leaves.

North Carolina Transphobia Update: Onus on the PGA, and on Adam Silver...

First, from Deadspin:

It appears we will be getting a new owner (or Michael Jordan consolidating his stake) in the Charlotte Hornets.

Felix Sabates sent this as a portion of an e-mail to the other owners of the Hornets.  I can't think that Adam Silver is going to allow Sabates to retain his stake in the team for very long!
“What is wrong with a person using a bathroom provided for the sex the were born with, if you want to change your gender so be it, we are a free county, but don’t force 8 years old children to be exposed to having to share bathroom facilities with people that don’t share the organs they were Bourne (sic) with, this is plain wrong, this could cause irreparable damages to a children’s that don’t understand why they have to see what God did not mean for them to witness, we have some very confused business as well as political humans that frankly have made this a political issue rather then (sic) moral issues, SHAME ON THEM.”
Donald Sterling got thrown out of the league for less than this.

Team and NBA refused to comment.  That appears to continue through today.

And the PGA of America has a controversy on it's hands that it refuses to properly address.

As the PGA prepares for the 2016 version of the PGA Championship (played early to accommodate the Rio farce), the 2017 PGA Championship is scheduled for Quail Hollow...

... in North Carolina.

And the PGA has decided (with one eye toward one having to wonder how much of it's white clientele actually agrees with this bullshit) that the 2017 tournament stays.

*sigh*  Two steps forward...

The Rio Farce, Day -11: Aussies Boycott The Village

Aaaaaaaaaaand I see we're off to a roaring start...

It's about two weeks to the Rio Olympics, and there's already going to be a major problem before the Opening Ceremony.

Some of the hotel rooms, booked years in advance, are being taken by the Australian team.


Because the Australian Olympic Team took one look at the Rio Olympic Village and declared it officially uninhabitable.  It appears Great Britain and New Zealand are about to follow suit, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

(You can read it all here from Deadspin)

Now, on surface, this is no surprise to anyone who has followed this entire boondoggle, with police saying they cannot protect the city, the city declaring financial emergency and stating they are not going to be able to honor all commitments (to the Games or to the populace!), and the Games already being over $1,600,000,000 over budget.

"A New World" indeed.  Yeah, if that world is The Third World, sure.

When toilets were flushed, water streaming down the downstairs walls -- strong smells of gas -- and exposed wiring.

And, according to Wyre Davies, the South American BBC correspondent:

In other Olympic updates:
  • Davies also reports seven Russian swimmers will not be making the trip to Rio due to failed drug tests.  With the IOC failing to do it's job for fear of terrorist retaliation, it is up to the individual sports to toss the Russians.  According to Yahoo! Sports, three of the seven won bronze in London.
  • FISA, the international rowing sanctioning body, will probably announce tomorrow which Russian rowers, if any, will be eligible to compete in Rio.
  • The International Weightlifting Federation is still looking into things and will announce any further disqualifications upon relevant evidence to do so or not to do so.
  • The FIG, The international gymnastics federation, is doing the same.
  • United World Wrestling will allow 11 Russian wrestlers to compete in Rio.  There is no indication at this time that any further action is pending against the 11.

So the real question now, between the Olympic village and the Russian decisions, is:

Who's going to be the first country to get to Rio, take one look at the place, and withdraw?

I'm giving it...  72 hours.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

There Is No Law: Ridiculous Decision by the IOC Shows Putin Still Holds The Cards And Wins

Russia WILL be allowed to compete (in the sports in which it is not disqualified) in Rio.

And Yahoo!'s Dan Wetzel sees right through it:  As the Sochi effort was a full-scale state-sponsored sports terrorism motif (in the use of the Olympics to justify Russia's rampant homophobia and nationalistic violence (the latter especially against it's former states such as the Ukraine)), it is thought that Vladimir Putin could blow up the entire Olympic movement by exposing it's corruption, as it relates to the naming of Sochi as the 2014 host city (and *Cough* Salt Lake City in 2002... *Cough*).

Unfortunately, let's call a spade a spade:  I always thought of that "blowing up" as a far more literal event.

As in, Russia allies with ISIS or some other wack-job and blows up the Opening Ceremony or something to that effect.

I believe Russia is only being allowed to compete so The Show Must Go On at all -- punishing Russia might inflame Putin to the point the Olympic Stadium literally burns with thousands dead in 12 days.

This is the capability of the man and the nation he has rebuilt into a terrorist power.  And he used the Sochi Homophobe-lympics as a political ploy against the world -- using the medal-count victory as a political pawn to kill gays in the country and Ukranians there.

And he gets away with it.


Because he holds the cards.

Friday, July 22, 2016

More Olympic Drug Failures Out of the Woodwork

Reports today indicate we have more failed drug tests coming out of the last two Summer Olympics.

Reexaminations of samples taken for drug testing (probably with new testing now available) have nailed nearly 100 athletes in the London and Beijing Games -- the latest spate is 45 athletes, half of them winning medals in the Games.

One has to wonder if any clean medalists will be left at this rate.