Thursday, June 22, 2017

We now have proof and a name of one closeted gay NFL player...

In what has to be a nightmare for the Religious Right faction of the National Religion, SB Nation's Outsports blog had an interview posted on the 20th with an ex-NFL player who was closeted gay.

Worse yet for the Religious Right and the No F_____s League, he was once a New England Patriot.

Many people who slammed the league for blackballing Michael Sam said, as one of their defenses, that there had been closeted-gay players in the National Football League.

With this interview, many people met one.

Ryan O' Callaghan, serviceable four-year NFL career for the Patriots and Chiefs, a largely-reserve offensive tackle.
2006 and 2007 with the Patriots, 2009 and 2010 with the Chiefs.  He was on the 18-1 Patriots, played 15 games, started only one that year.

Realized when he was in junior high he was gay, and, being in Republican Redding in Democratic California, also realized immediately he had to closet himself for his own protection!

He actually made the NFL a final goal.  Once he finished his NFL career, he planned to end his life.

Much like Sam, he was a celebrated collegian:  Morris Trophy winner for the then-Pac-10, for the best offensive lineman in the conference that year (2005).  O'Callaghan, the interview points out, takes special pride in that award:  It's not a media award.  It's voted on by the opposing defensive linemen of the conference!

Fifth-round pick of the Patriots in 2006, O'Callaghan was there to win, and, as long as he could show Bill Belichick he could continue the Patriots run, he could keep his secret that was a ticking time bomb on his life just that.

IR for a shoulder in 2008 made him expendable to the Patriots, but his secret was still kept.  He ended up landing in Kansas City.  Started one year, a groin injury IR'd the second year, and the shoulder finished his career.

Addicted to painkillers, he even had the building ready to go to end his life...

To their credit (and probably much to the chagrin of their employers), the people working with him with the Chiefs actually stopped all that.  The head trainer got him in touch with drug counseling, and the counselor had worked with gay NFL players before.

Read the whole article.  It's a story the NFL does not want you to believe, and that's why I"m mentioning it here.

The NBA has been rewritten, prepare to go back...

Bitch-ass Ball #2 to the Lakers.

Stupid dad got what he wanted, and I fear we may be headed back to Foolish and Wretched One-Dimensional Ballhog Land.

Because now we're going back to people being able to make demands and threaten so much money for their little precious meal ticket that the next Super-Team might be the Lonzo Angeles Balls.

The first thought one might have, especially with the history of the Showtime/Magic Lakers, is:  What the fuck are they thinking?

Valid question.

Unfortunately, I fear the reality of a league in which you need a team with at least three ultra-stars to even be RELEVANT anymore is going to mean that Magic himself is going to put his pride on the shelf and, to deliver a proper Hollywood product to the masses.

My friend, a long-time and probably-now-dormant and disgruntled Lakers fan, said two very good points.

One, what Pandora's Box has been opened to the league?

And now you have the situation where any little shithead can go ahead and draft his team. with a big enough mouth and enough money behind him (or proposed-as-such)...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Another one out of his mind due to football. How much longer before we admit they ALL are???

One of the big hitters of his day too.

Warren Sapp now admits he has memory loss and will donate his brain to science once he dies.

It's another person out of his mind due to football (and not how I normally speak that Warren Sapp is out of his mind from time to time!), and how much longer before we have to admit that all of them are?

jSPN tries to hype up the Foolish and Wretched One and... OOPS!!!!!

Anyone who's seen ESPN knows that the Corporate Sports Programming Network has been the jordon Sports Programming Network for most of it's history.

So, no shock when they put together a fluff piece on the NBA Draft that they decided to try to pimp the tin rigged god as the Best Ever.

The piece was a piece on the best draft picks at each position, and jordon was featured in a large picture on the top of the piece.

Except for ONE PROBLEM...

They decided to use a sabremetric method called career win shares.  Not 100% sure how it works, but the point will be made clear...

jordon was made the best #3 at 214.

The best #1 was Kareem...  at 273.4!!!!



(And one more on the bottom of the page.  Since Wilt was a "territorial pick" when he was drafted, he was not included.  His win shares?  247.3!)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Pig, The Dupe, and a Billion Dollars: Why Sane People Need To Avoid Las Vegas on August 26th...

Conor McGregor, by all reasonable appearances, has agreed to lay down for Floyd Mayweather on August 26th.

There's no other way, regardless of the number of zeroes involved, this event would happen.

Has no one paid attention for the last, what, ten years?  Fifteen??

Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team OWN Las Vegas.

Don't believe me?  They remind you every time you leave the city Westbound on the Interstate 15 -- large billboard advertising said Money Team.

Pacquiao laid down to pay some of his taxes off.

Every fighter this piece of shit "fought" laid down, because there's only one thing in the fight game which makes a goddamn cent anymore, and it's a loud-mouth piece of shit who represents the Vegas fight game perfectly.

And now he's not only going to hurt boxing, but the entire Vegas fight game.

Many people I talk to would say "Good!" to all of that, and I have no issue with any of that.

Early bets have had the general public "squares" heavy to McGregor, even though any intelligent sport discussion (even if you took this fight as a "shoot" and not the fixed Money Team Production any sane person has to understand it will be) sees this as a joke...

Look, I get it:  I want Mayweather the domestic abuser put into a coma.  I'll make no secret of that.

But the most frustrating thing about it is that he basically does enough to make a show out of it, goes into the defensive shell, and you know by about Round 4, the entire situation is a rigged farce.

And the thing is:  We don't even know if this is going to be a boxing match (McGregor has applied for a boxing license in Nevada!), an MMA situation, or some sort of Pride FC hybrid rules whateverthey'regoingtotrytoputtogether...

I get that Conor McGregor is a proud Irishman and all of that, and it's one of the things that makes me utterly shocked he'd get in any ring or octagon or whatever with Floyd Mayweather.

I would think Conor McGregor would know better than to get in any fixed fight.

That said, no fight that Floyd Mayweather has fought in many years or will ever fight again that will ever be legitimate.

Every person who pays for the tickets, the pay-per-views, the hotel rooms, etc., and ESPECIALLY anyone who bets on McGregor to win, is an idiot!

All I know is that this ends one way:  The Pig gets his hand raised over The Dupe, and we all get Duped again by The Money Team.  The fight is fixed the moment ink is put to paper.

And then, with no mega-draw, the Vegas fight game dies.  Both boxing and MMA.  It will try to continue (look at the fight this weekend and the Golden Boy Productions fight with GGG right near the Mayweather/McGregor farce). but it has no mega-draw.

Monday, June 12, 2017

I'm about to be this close to wondering if the NCAA...

... has more skeletons in their closet on the administrative level regarding pedophilia and the like...

So...  Let's see here...

Penn State still exists and hasn't been burned to the ground...

Baylor University still exists...

The pitcher for Oregon State has requested indefinite leave after his skeletons hopefully not only end his career, but any employable life of freedom in any respect...

And yet the NCAA decides to go after...


Donald De La Haye, the kicker for the University of Central Florida!

His "crime"?

He's a marketing major, according to an article in USA Today this morning.  He thought it would be a good idea to use that expertise in the creation of a YouTube channel.

He's chronicling his experience as a student-athlete.  He has over 50,000 subscribers, and is apparently making no money off of this.

His "crime"?

Either the NCAA believes he is making money off the YouTube stuff, or that it's illegal to say "I'm a student-athlete." without the NCAA getting a cut at all!

He is a junior -- not sure if this year or next...  Hmmmmmmmm...


I knew something was odd last night, when I watched the FS1 coverage of the Mexico-USA CONCACAF World Cup Qualifier match.

This match, in the sixth round of the hexagonal final group (six teams, home and home), was at the infamous mile-high Estadio Azteca in Mexico City -- a venue the NFL also uses and will use for one of it's highest-profile games of the season:  New England-Oakland.

But there's been a nasty little secret about our neighbors to the south with respect to their feelings toward their opponents, and the first thing I saw on the mid-stadium crawl indicated it...

I actually saw the word "puto" in an "advertisement there.

(My apologies to any Spanish-speaking blog readers for the use of the word -- it is only being used as explaining what is going on.)

The word is one of the biggest insults and slurs you can speak in the Spanish language, roughly translating as a gay whore.

The Mexican soccer federation has been fined a number of times over the years for their fans using the slur against players from the other team.

So much so, the federation tried to warn the fans about this, in a comment roughly translated to:

"Chanting 'puto' does not make you more Mexican.  Help us to avoid sanctions.  Join us."  (MSN)


Every time USA goalkeeper Brad Guzan lined up for a goal kick...

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah....  Puto!!!"

More fines are expected.

And before you think American fans are any better, the new MLS team in Atlanta had it's fans chanting the same slur in it's first match.

The United States took a large step toward qualifying for the World Cup in Russia with a 1-1 draw Sunday night.