Friday, May 22, 2015

When the bullshit flows freely from the National Homophobia League, the story writes itself.

Announced this morning, the completely expected:

Michael Sam to the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL, two year contract.

Gee, no one saw THAT coming, did they?


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Child Abuse About To Go To The Next Level in the NFL?

Big story out of Oakland and Denver, through a Texas criminal investigation, and this might be the next shoe to drop for the "Ginger Hammer"...

Hey, the league has Adrian Peterson back, so now it may be time for the NFL to go to the next level.

Earlier today, it was reported that Antonio Smith was the target of a child abuse investigation in Fort Bend County, Texas.

Now we find out that the investigation is "sexual in nature", though it involves "only an allegation".

Smith, a defensive end who played in Oakland last year and moved to Denver in free agency, is only being suspected of it at this time, but wouldn't it be sickening (and appropriate for today's NFL!!) if Smith were found to be a pedophile sexual abuser...

And Michael Sam is the fucking distraction, isn't that right, Roger?

(Source:  Yardbarker)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Super Farce XLIX, The Cheats: So How Many Sequels is Bob Kraft Buying Now?

It appears to any sane person that I spoke too soon a week or two ago.

Although I stand behind what I said when I said it, recent events indicate "backroom negotiations" between Bob Kraft and Roger Goodell regarding the Deflategate punishments to save the relationship between the two and the job of the latter.

If this is the case, you can reinstall the Cheatriots as the favorites for next year's Super Bowl -- once the futures are re-established, which should be about the time Brady will be reinstated to play Week One when the cheatriot-ship banner goes up on NBC.

The only question, now, is how many more may be coming down the road....

Saturday, May 16, 2015

South American Soccer Shits the Bed

At some point, one's going to take a hard look as to whether (if you're in one of these affected countries, etc.) you want to continue to be a fan of "The Beautiful Game".

The fiercest (read: most violent) rivalry in Argentina is between the two football clubs Boca Juniors and River Plate.

The South (and Central) American club championship, the Copa Libertadores, was in it's round of 16, and Boca and River Plate were deep in a two-match series.

River Plate had won the first match at it's stadium 1-0.

The second match, at Boca's stadium, was scoreless at halftime.

Then, all Hell broke loose.

A Boca ultra (basically the soccer equivalent of a stalker) sprayed pepper spray into the tunnel while the River Plate players were coming out for the second half.

Four River Plate players (at least) took direct hits and had to go to the hospital, and the game was halted, to be adjudicated by CONMEBOL, the South American soccer authority.

Boca Juniors, tonight, was expelled from the Libertadores, and River Plate advanced to the quarterfinals with no score to the match given.  Straight DQ.

Boca Juniors was fined $200,000 US, has to play it's next four CONMEBOL club tournament matches behind closed doors, and their next four away CONMEBOL club tournament matches are banned to all Boca Juniors fans.

Another similar incident within five years, and they get worse.

I still don't think this is enough.  How about we actually shut down these teams with these animal ultras?  Is the money that fucking important to CONMEBOL that they have to allow these matches which are clear tinderboxes to take place?

The two teams actually played three matches in 10 days -- the two in this tie, and, I assume, a league match on top of it.

But, as we've seen for years, as long as these teams are allowed to take the pitch, their ultras will follow and cause trouble.

They're just going to cause trouble, now, OUTSIDE the stadia for a while.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Super Farce XLIX, The Cheats: The Patriots Are Probably Done With Their Dynasty

... but not for the reason you might think.

Bob Kraft is PISSED.

In fact, he's so pissed that one report (Bleacher Report sourced through MSN) says the relationship between the two is "pretty much dead".

So you know what that means:  The Patriots run is probably OVER -- unless Robert Kraft finally puts the final straw in on the Roger Goodell Experiment and gets him fired before next season starts.

With the possibility of multiple lawsuits, I can't say that isn't a possibility.


Hat tip to my anonymous friend again, but Deadspin is reporting one of the main reasons that Tom Brady got the penalty he did was...

... he failed to turn over his PERSONAL cell phone on demand of Roger Goodell.

In short, the league tried to go extra-constitutional on Brady after the Super Bowl because they wanted to know communications made between him and the two ball-deflaters, and he wouldn't do it -- as well he shouldn't under the law.

Why did you need that cellphone?  Especially with the two staffers having TEAM cell phones which you COULD seize...

It's pretty clear, though, that this, as one Deadspin article on the brewing war between Goodell and Kraft puts it:

"It’s more than a little disingenuous for Bob Kraft to act surprised that he’s lost control of the monster he helped create."

Farce of the Century: Well, there's half the billion for the Billion-Dollar "Fight"

Numbers came in for Mayweather-Pacquiao, and they blasted all known boxing records for the pay-per-view and live gate.

4.4 million PPV buys (that's over $400 million)

Live gate was almost $72,200,000.

You need any further reasons why the fight had to happen right goddamned then...

Max Kellerman, in a related story, tried to debunk the "take the money and run" theory for Pacquiao regarding lying about his shoulder injury as follows:

"I think some people have the sense that Manny Pacquiao sold out for the money. And by fighting with a torn rotator cuff, not giving himself the best chance to win, he somehow perpetuated a fraud on the public. I strongly disagree with this. A dilemma is not a tough choice; a dilemma is a choice between two bad options. What was Manny Pacquiao supposed to do three weeks to go before the fight when he was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff that needed surgery? Was he supposed to postpone the fight? So 12 months off — he was already off for five months — he was supposed to come back after shoulder surgery and a 17-plus-month ring absence to fight and try to beat Floyd Mayweather? Does that give him his best chance to win?"
Max, there were far more problems with the fight than that.  The entire operation came off as a fly-by-night money grab for everyone involved, and I still truly believe that it wasn't a "take the money" situation, but a "run" situation:  Had the fight been delayed a year, either something would've displaced the entire societal situation (not likely, but have to put it out there) or, more likely, Pacquiao can't set foot in the United States without being hauled off to the Federal prison system.

The IRS made this fight happen (and when it did), Max -- and it's handprints are all over this fight.  Floyd wasn't even his standard braggadocio self, stated by people covering the pre-fight stuff.  That's because Floyd, even naming all the relevant stipulations, never felt in control of the situation, and there's very few entities that can make him feel that way.

Gee, this Michigan thing is going to end well....

The University of Michigan football program has already committed several (minor) violations of NCAA rules under new coach Jim Harbaugh...

... who has not yet coached a game with the University!

Michigan self-reported several minor violations to the NCAA, probably the only relevant one was letting a recruit sit in premium seating at a hockey game (a benefit not available to normal students).

But this just gives me the impression that this is not going to end well for a program which has not seen relevance ever since an FBS team came in and beat them at their own stadium.