Friday, January 20, 2017

Football, fucked up, fandom affair, part 2 for this set.

Caught this one on my Facebook wall, thanks to a fellow gamer who has been a friend for a while...

From 24-7 Sports' Green Bay feed.

A man killed his brother because the Cowboys lost to the Packers on Sunday.

Another "game turns into fight" motif.

Justin Boyer was visiting from North Dakota, but his apparent mental health issues went over the edge when he and his brother Robert got in a fight, and Robert was forced to stab and kill his brother in self-defense of the rage which was going through him after the Cowboys lost.

A roommate of Robert's tried to separate the pair, but the younger Justin decided he'd had more than he could take...


Just...  wow.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

To those of us wanting to honor Fair Play in the Baseball Hall of Fame, we have lost. It is over.

Today is usually a day of great excitement for my friend, the baseball historian who follows the Hall of Fame quite well.

Today was not fun for my friend.


My friend brought me into the room to watch the MLB Network airing (kudos to for providing the announcement feed freely) of the live announcement of the writers' decision to whom they would add to the two names the Veterans' Committee are going to have placed in Cooperstown, including (what would turn out to be ironic) Bud Selig.

What we found out horrified my anti-Steroid Era friend.

We would like to congratulate Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens for their induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame -- just not this year.

For a long time, however, we have been told that there is at least one roidie in the Hall already.

Last year, Mike Piazza (long-suspected of steroid use) might well have been the trial balloon.

This year, we now have our first KNOWN roidie heading to Cooperstown.

Ivan Rodriguez was one of the many names revealed in Jose Canseco's books regarding steroid abuse in the National Pastime.  Rodriguez becomes the first person (unless he wants to sue Canseco and wins -- or gets a retraction) basically known to be on the steroids and getting into Cooperstown anyway.

This, plus two other things my baseball historian friend found out after I posted this:
  • A 2009 interview with Ivan Rodriguez, in which the interviewer asked whether Rodriguez was on the initial list of about 103-104 players testing positive in the initial 2003 testing.  His answer:  "Only God Knows."
  • And then, when the teeth got into the plan and a positive test meant a long suspension, Ivan Rodriguez lost about 25-30 pounds the next off-season -- the same 25-30 pounds or so that became the telltale sign the likes of Barry Bonds were on the gas...
He has company, though:  Mr. "Thirty Pounds of Meat A Day", Jeff Bagwell, got the most votes of anybody, and will be inducted this summer into the Hall.  Bagwell probably ends up in the same column as Piazza, but, factually, is at least at the same level of suspicion.  It would take literally hours to eat 30 pounds of meat, not to mention how bad it would screw up your system.

(Also making the 75% amount and getting the call for the Hall, on his FINAL ATTEMPT:  Tim Raines.)

Other scary factoids from today's voting result reveals:
  • Roger Clemens:  54.1%  Fourth among non-inductees.
  • Barry Bonds:  53.8%  Fifth.
  • Both Bonds and Clemens enjoyed increases of 9% in their percentage totals.
  • Manny Ramirez, who tested positive TWICE:  23.8%.
It's kind of ironic, as I said:  Two of the three players going in with Selig on the writer's ballot were enabled to their success through drugs allowed, if not encouraged or trafficked, by Selig.

(By the way, only one member of the Veteran's Committee refused to induct Selig.)

So, when will the accursed day be?

Probably not until 2019's class.

2018 looks to be an abjectly stacked ballot.  Trevor Hoffman fell four votes short at 74%.  He should get in next year.  Vladimir Guerrero fell about 13-14 votes short at 71.7%, and should get in.

And then there's the first-timers:  Andruw Jones, Chipper Jones, and Jim Thome among them.  Thome and Chipper are almost-certain locks, meaning that should be at least a class of four.

But what happened today makes it, now, inevitable...  Can you imagine a 2019 class headlined by Bonds, Clemens, and first-ballot Mariano Rivera???

Football and being fucked up: A fandom affair...

If you read the Stanley Wilson article, read this title CAREFULLY -- it is NOT the same article.

I want to show you how fucked up people can get in the name of our National Religion, Football...

These fine examples of Football Nation America are why some of us scream at the top of our lungs when our grief and our real life may just interfere with your love for this sick game...

1) Alabama fan, deciding that the birthright of another National Championship was worth destroying his television set!!

2) Or how about this Dallas Cowboys fan, who was all but certain to drop major money to see his team in the Super Bowl in Houston...  until the league narrative changed and...

3) Of course, you could be this viral Cowboys fan from a couple years ago and destroy your entire HOUSE!!!

4) Or how about this Steeler fan who trashed the TV over a loss to the Cowboys?

(Kudos to the kid for realizing what was going on, just too late.)

5) But none of this compares to a story stemming from the December 18, 2016 Buccaneers-Cowboys game.

Vice Sports with the reference here.

Pontrey O'Neal Jones is 20, a thug, and about to go to prison for the rest of his life.

Over football...

You see, O'Neal, believing his stepmother (a Cowboys fan) disrespected his father (a Buccaneers fan) after the Cowboys won.  To the idea of the story, it was good-natured ribbing between the pair.

So, returning from an outing (and, judging by the fact he was naked in the grass 10 minutes later when the police got there, drugs were almost certainly involved!), he grabbed a knife from the couch and killed the stepmom.

Over football...

Now it appears he was about to murder somebody -- KEYE in Austin, TX reports O'Neal told the cops he was going to snap his little sister's neck!!!



Fuck off.

Football and being fucked up: A family affair...

There are times when you start reading stories and you see why people actually are sick and tired of letting the criminal element in this country even exist.

Well, much of it exists under the current color of the sport of football.

Take the case of Stanley Wilson II, formerly of the Detroit Lions.  Played three NFL seasons, last in 2008.

Sports Illustrated reports today that Wilson II was arrested January 10 while outside a stranger's house, in the nude.

That's bad enough.

It's worse when you realize this is the second time in seven months he was arrested while attempting to accost a stranger's house in the buff.

June 27, 2016:  Stanley II was shot in the stomach while attempting to rob another house, pled not guilty, awaiting trial.

Needless to say, the first respondent for a while said that they need to take all of his ilk and lock them up for good.

One can see why, even with the racist slant, when you hear of his father, Stanley Wilson, Sr.

Wilson, Sr. had a MAJOR cocaine problem.  Cost him all of the 1985 and 1987 seasons, and was banned for life after an incident before Super Bowl XXIII where his position coach caught him in a cocaine bender at the hotel of the Cincinnati Bengals, the team for which he played.

In 1999, Wilson, Sr. got 22 years in prison for robbing $130,000 in property.

So, like father...  Like son???

Sunday, January 15, 2017

You guys still want to believe the NFL doesn't determine the winners?

Most-fined team in 2016-17?  Giants.
Most-suspended team (especially for drugs) in 2016-17?  Cowboys.

Gone and gone, both in the 4 Eastern slot (the other Sunday game was moved late due to a forecast of ice), both with Green Bay.

Coincidence?  Consider this...

All year, a number of anti-Cowboy fans were wondering when the league was finally going to investigate the claims Ezekiel Elliott committed domestic violence, first surfacing in July.

So what is the top side story on ESPN's site as the Cowboys and Packers are preparing to play?

The NFL, according to many sources, is, in fact, investigating Elliott's July incident, for possible 2017 discipline.

Bang.  Season over.  Right there.

21-3 Green Bay, at one point, was no accident.

Yes, they finally needed to do one "field goal at the gun" situation after only two of the first six playoff games were even fourth-quarter competitive and none finished closer than 12 points.

And they got it, with three field goals in the last four minutes, including Mason Crosby sending Donald Trump home sad because he can't grope the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders in the pussy.

(Yeah, I went THERE!  Live with it.)

Here's the thing:  Green Bay may well be the whitest-meat babyface in this tournament -- and I do also mean CAUCASIAN White as well.

I'm just not convinced they're corporate enough to lift the Lombardi Trophy, though.

But with the four games done, here are the possibilities, and my thoughts on the angle thereto:

The Two Favorites:  New England (-5 - -6 or so) vs. Atlanta (-4.5, was bet as high as -6 for a bit, over/under is over 60 for the Packer game)

What makes this likely:  Better team in each conference, yes.

New England is getting another Robert Kraft push, yes.

Atlanta has the stadium forthcoming, yes.

Not so much:  We know the NFL has determined champions before on merchandising considerations.  Does ANYBODY think Atlanta's fanbase can outbuy Green Bay's?

Most marketable players in the playoffs are White quarterbacks not named Matt Ryan.

Is Atlanta a marketable-enough city?  Super Bowl secondary ticket prices plummeted 18-20% once Dallas lost.

Does the country REALLY want to put up with New England, AGAIN???

Counterpoint to the last one:  Is that the idea, to make New England the hated heel?  If so, there might be another better matchup...

Super Bowl XXXI Rematch:  New England vs. Green Bay

What makes this likely:  Two most marketable names in the playoffs.

Two Whitest organizations still left.

Not so much (Green Bay):  Are they corporate enough to carry the first Super Bowl title of the Oompa-Loompa era?

Green Bay was one of the more-fined teams in the league this year -- maybe not in the NFL doghouse to the extent of the two teams they defeated, but...

Super Bowl XLV Rematch:  Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay

What makes this "likely":  Certainly two rabid and large fanbases, so the money will talk and walk here.

Many reasoned names.

Not so much (Pittsburgh):  Pittsburgh is another of the teams which has been in the league doghouse, especially Antonio Brown and the like.  We know the league is looking out from teams in the doghouse, making Pittsburgh's win tonight a bit surprising - and taking a trial balloon of the Super Bowl I rematch in Super Bowl LI off the table...

Pittsburgh vs. Atlanta

What makes this "likely":  I'll come up with something by the end of the week.  Just not sure how this one would be storylined.

(Yes, if you caught this in the first 15 minutes, I duplicated the one with the two favorites by mistake.)

And NESN and Brian Tuohy caught something today which was very very interesting...

On Saturday night (and here's the NESN article to prove it), the Falcons' official Facebook account put an event on their calendar -- a January 22nd (date is correct) game with...  the Green Bay Packers...

EIGHTEEN HOURS before Mason Crosby kicked the game winner at the gun.

And you, Football Nation America, want to hurt people and make people feel lesser for not being football fans and take this as the most important thing of your lives...

Monday, January 9, 2017

Wow. That was a weekend I wouldn't be surprised went over like a fart in church...

And, to those wondering, I'll keep it to the football in this post...

The four favorites in Wild Card Weekend all won and covered.

The closest game was 12 points.

Only the Seattle-Detroit game was even competitive in the fourth quarter, and Seattle got 16 in the fourth to turn 10-6 into 26-6.

Very UnGoodellesque weekend, and one has to wonder if that's because it was a completely irrelevant one.

But one thought:  Is it any coincidence that Green Bay-Giants (the one possibly interesting game last weekend) was the prime Sunday spot, and Green Bay-Dallas (the one possibly interesting game next weekend) has the same spot this weekend...

Saturday, January 7, 2017

OK, Russell Westbrook may need some scrutiny, but this is too much!!!

I know Russell Westbrook has been letting his mouth get ahead of himself a little bit, but this is a little ridiculous...

OK, time out on the floor, Westbrook, seeing no nearby official, throws the ball to the one official he sees (and that was at some distance!), and since the referee was not paying attention, DOINK!!!

Westbrook is T'd up.  If he gets a T for that, he has to leave the floor for the night and face a LONG suspension.  If you're going to T that up, then you have to claim he tried to bean the ref, and that's a long suspension.  (One of the reasons I think, since the NHL erroneously upheld the "violent conduct at referee" Wideman call, 20 games was not enough -- even though it was clear Wideman was concussed!!!!)

Wrong call.  Ref was not paying attention to where the ball was after the timeout was called.  Westbrook, as is his obligation, got the ball to the referee.

Westbrook, one of the most penalized players in the league, has already seen two technicals this season, at least, rescinded, but was suspended one game for accumulated technical fouls two years ago.  He had an ejection after the rescinding, and this one, if not rescinded, is #10.  He's suspended at #16.