Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Some Tuesday Musings for November 13, 2018...

  • The Game of the Year for MNF is now in Los Angeles for next Monday.  It was scheduled to be the Mexico City Game this year between the 9-1 Rams and 9-1 Chiefs, but the field is unplayable at Estadio Azteca.  (Too many events, too much rain.)  Game's moved to LA -- reminding anyone who doesn't recall that it was an LA home game in the first place.
  • I do have one thing to wonder, however:  Would they have made more of an effort to play the game in Mexico City if it was THIS week's MNF matchup (1-8 Giants vs. 2-7 49ers) rather than, right now, the Super Bowl Preview?
  • I add my sentiments to those of others:  May this be an opportunity for the NFL to raise money and awareness for the California fire victims.
  • Sounds like it's Irrelevant Time again for Golden State.  After an 11-1 start, losses to Milwaukee and the Clippers have led to an altercation between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant.  Green is suspended for tonight's game with Atlanta.
  • Le'Veon Bell is done for the season.  He has refused his tender by the deadline today and cannot play this season.  No secret that getting that drama out from under them is one of the reasons Pittsburgh is now riding high in the AFC after a bad start.

Monday, November 12, 2018

2018 Week Ten NFL Scoring Report; Me And My Big Mouth

  • Well, there goes that string.  Cliffhanger tonight in the 3-15 Fest.
  • Scoring this week:  48.57 PPG for a season total of 7117 points in 148 games:  48.088.
  • That's now almost 1.4 points more than the season scoring record when they averaged 46.707.  The league is now a full 205 points over that previous-record pace.
  • And as for the per-game record of 47.2, they're 132 ahead of that.
  • Home teams 8-6 for 87-56-2 (.607)
  • Over was 8-6 for 72-73-3
  • Another bad week for favorites:  5-8-1 against the number.  8-6 straight up.  Year totals:  67-78-3 against the spread, 95-51 straight up.
  • Team with more penalties was 7-4 this week, 59-67 for the year.  Only about 10 penalties a game this week.
  • 1 Cliffhanger for 27 for the year
  • Only 4 games ended within eight points for 74
  • 8 non-competitive for 54 total for the year.
  • 4 Last Chance Misses for 39 total

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Notes, Mostly Week 10, but one non-football update...

  • Kevin Harvick qualified for the championship.
Now onto a messy week in football.
  • Home teams were 8-5 so far, the over is 7-6, the average is about 48.5
  • Another losing week for favorites against the number -- 5-7-1 so far.
  • Team with more penalties is 7-3!  Another week like the two light fine blotters, though.
  • Another week with zero Cliffhangers.  Have not had one in two full weeks of action now.
Several interesting stats:
  • EIGHT non-competitive games this week.  Same number as Week 7 of 2017, but two fewer games, so far.  Week 2 of 2017 also had 8 in a full schedule.
  • The last week with 9 non-competitive games:  Week 9, 2014.
  • Since I have started tracking, I do not believe there has ever been two consecutive weeks without a single Cliffhanger.
Those were from my research.  The rest of this is from Pro Football Reference:
  • Philadelphia lost a Last Chance Miss Sunday Night, 27-20 to Dallas.  The unique nature of this was that they committed zero penalties in the game.  This has only happened 13 times since the turn of the millenium.  Last team to do it was Cleveland, losing to Jacksonville 19-7, committing no penalties on November 19, 2017.
  • Speaking of Cleveland:  They actually WON a non-competitive game today.  First time since December 13, 2015, beating San Francisco 24-10.
  • For the second time this year, a touchdown or more favorite has lost by 31 points or more.  When the Jets, as seven point favorites, fell to Buffalo 41-10, they became only the 8th such team in NFL history.  Ironically, the Jets WON a game under these same conditions, Week 1 this year, vs. Detroit.
With two of the dregs playing Monday Night -- have fun, ESPN!!! -- now it's time to start looking at storylines.


1.  Kansas City 9-1
2.  New England 7-3  (big loss today to Tennessee)
3.  Pittsburgh 6-2-1
4.  Houston 6-3
5.  LA Chargers 7-2
6.  Cincinnati 5-4  (Tennessee eliminated on 3-4 AFC record vs. Cincy's 3-2)

Tennessee, as of the end of Week 10, will be the only NFL team with a winning record eliminated from the playoffs.


1.  LA Rams  9-1
2.  New Orleans 8-1 (will take the #1 seed with a win on LA's bye week, they have the HTH tiebreak)
3.  Chicago 6-3
4.  Washington 6-3 (NFC Record:  Chicago 4-1, Washington 6-2)
5.  Carolina 6-3
6.  Minnesota 5-3-1

Beginning to get a real Rams-Chargers vibe.  League needs to justify the NFL experiment out in LA, and if getting one to the Super Bowl won't do it, will getting BOTH there do it?

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Two examples of why The Show CANNOT Still Go On...

Two stories this week...  And both sanctioning bodies seriously fumbling the ball.

First, Q-School of the LPGA Tour.

Doris Chen was thrown out of the tournament of qualification for the LPGA Tour when her mother was caught replacing a ball Chen shot out of bounds back in bounds.

Let that process.

Doris Chen (or, at the very least, her mother) thought they could get away with the equivalent of the ol' "foot wedge" or somesuch AT Q-SCHOOL.

And Chen is no lightweight, or at least supposedly so!! 

She's the 2014 NCAA women's golf champion.  Along with other honors.

And her caddie was told to shut up about all this!!!

There is no word on further penalty at this time, but I agree with the golf fan who sometimes anonymously gives me information and a bullshit detector:  Start the bidding at about a FIVE-YEAR BAN.

And then, there's Kevin Harvick last Sunday.

We're smack dab in the middle of the Eliminator Round -- the final round before the one-race championship.

Harvick won the race, which would've gotten him automatic qualification for the Homestead finale.

Instead, he has received one of the stiffest possible penalties.

  • 40 championship points
  • Removal of the championship qualification
  • Suspension of the crew chief for the remainder of the season
  • A probable rule change for 2019 which will make offenses at this level (and perhaps others below it) OUTRIGHT DISQUALIFICATION (... which should've been the case for years already!)
  • And changes in the inspection procedures, as it's now apparent the sport cannot be trusted by it's sanctioning body.
Harvick's team won the race with an illegal non-standard spoiler -- a very, very serious offense.

Harvick was also thrown out of his victory in Las Vegas -- and he has the pole for the final Eliminator race tomorrow.

Why is he not parked until Daytona?  None of this is going to change until the sponsors are effected, monetarily.  And there's only one way that gets done -- remove the damn car and team from the track.

2018 NFL Fine Blotter Week Nine

(And, technically, seven and eight as well...)

Week 7:

  • Carolina Panthers:  Eric Reid:  $10,026 for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Jordan Whitehead:  $26,739 helmet to helmet on a quarterback -- call was not flagged in the game.
  • Chicago Bears:  Eddie Jackson:  $10,026 for a face mask.
  • Cincinnati Bengals:  Shawn Williams:  $20,054 for helmet to helmet.  Making him a TWO-TIME LOSER, may have been a doubled fine.
Week 8:
  • New England Patriots:  Julian Edelman:  $26,739 helmet to helmet on a quarterback.
  • Minnesota Vikings:  Laquon Treadwell:  $13,369 for unsportsmanlike conduct.
That's why I didn't do any blotters the last two weeks -- and the penalty numbers from those two weeks back it up, surprisingly.

Week 9:
  • New Orleans Saints:  Michael Thomas:  $30,000 for being a TWO-TIME touchdown celebration LOSER.  Enhanced fine for using a cell-phone as a prop.
  • Tennessee Titans:  Kevin Byard:  $10,026 for excessive celebration.  He TO'd on The Star in Dallas.  He feels the fine is worth it and expected a mass brawl.
  • Stupid fucking way to lose your team's clean sheet, Kevin!!! 
  • Speaking of, down to two clean sheets:  Washington and Arizona.
  • Chicago Bears:  Aaron Lynch, also $10,026, also for an illegal celebration.
  • Kansas City Chiefs:  Aaron Hitchens:  $13,369 for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • More possibly to come.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

More Thursday night musings...

Decided to watch some of the game tonight to get down some things:
  • Missed a blatant Cam Newton fumble, at least two obvious holding calls...
  • But, thankfully, one they did not miss was THIS...
GONE. Ejected from the contest for it.

Now, we'll see if he gets more than the standard $10K the other people who've taken that free shot this year -- and by my math, I think he's at least the third or fourth this year.

But 73 points in the 52-21 Pittsburgh win (and they're out of their mind if Bell comes back next week (which is the last week he can before he loses the season!) and then don't just bench or suspend him for conduct unbecoming -- because if he didn't fuck up the start of the season, the Steelers are 8-1 or something sick like that!!).

  • The 52 is the highest number of points scored by a team this season.
  • The 73 points this season mark the 12th time an NFL game has gone over 70.
  • Highest scoring Thursday night game this season, highest scoring Thursday night game since the third week of 2017, Rams 41 - 49er's 39 for 80 (which is the record).

Wow. I can see why people would get hoodwinked by the NFL of today...

One of the few acceptable Thursday night matchups tonight.  Carolina and Pittsburgh, each probably the top "second-tier" choice for the Super Bowl right now.

So, we're five minutes in as I write:

  • Carolina marches the ball down the field, nine plays, 7-0 Carolina.
  • Pittsburgh gets the ball and does THIS...
Now FOX wants to blame #24, but #41 clearly releases Smith-Schuster for the freebie, leaving #24 off to dry.

  • Ensuing kickoff called back to the Carolina 12 on holding penalty.  Cam Newton about to take a safety -- chucks the ball up for grabs...  and two becomes PICK SIX.
  • Within FIVE MINUTES:  Twenty-one points, 14-7 to Pittsburgh.
Really...  Really...