Sunday, April 24, 2016

E-Sports and Match Fixing: The More Things Change...

Anyone who hasn't been living under a rock the last two or three years knows that professional video gaming has exploded in East Asia and Europe (and, to a lesser extent, North America).

Similarly, anyone who hasn't been living under a rock has also heard the reports of match-fixing and rigging in various video game leagues and tournaments where the matches can actually be gambled on.

So I turn to Deadspin this Sunday morning to find this headline on their first article, heading to their video-game arm Kotaku:

Match-Fixing Report Shows How Gambling Has Ruined Korean StarCraft

StarCraft is usually a one-on-one space-based strategy game where players build buildings to mine resources and create armaments to destroy the other player off the map.

It is also where Brian Tuohy first exposed me to the fact that many of these leagues in Korea (where E-Sports is actually a lot of their "sports"!) have their professional matches wagered on, which has led to match-fixing scandals.

Fast-forward to today's article.  Almost three months after a StarCraft World Champion was taken into custody in the process of a significant national prosecutorial investigation into e-sports and the match-fixing which has come with some of the betting thereto, a report has been filed by said prosecutors.

The player Lee "Life" Seung Hyun, now is arrested for match-fixing in Korean tournaments.  One of the most damning things for the future of e-sports in Korea is the scope of the payment:  Because of the player involved and his almost-singular stature within the e-sport of StarCraft, he was offered approximately $62,000 by the match-fixers to throw two matches in a Korean Cup tournament -- in a tournament which might have netted him a first prize of about $8,000-$9,000!!

A second player, Bung Woo Yong, was arrested for taking half that amount to throw one match.  In the tournament in which he threw his match, according to the Kotaku article, he made about as much throwing the match as he would've the entire SEASON he was actually playing in.

Six other parties were also arrested in the scheme, according to a report on an e-sports team site.

The report basically also blows the lid off of the fact that this is a systematic situation, and it is occurring all over the place in competitive StarCraft.

Given this, there is a demand that KeSPA -- The Korean E-Sports Association -- do something about all of this.

In a realistic sense, I can only think of one place to start:  Shutting down competitive StarCraft until it is made clear that the game can be cleaned up from the gambling.  When the first reports of this were coming out, Blizzard (the creators of the game) seized material control of the professional StarCraft world -- to absolutely no apparent effect.

The facts are simple:  As long as these video games are being gambled on in Korea, they're dirty.  Whether every match is being fixed is irrelevant.  When you have one of the, if not THE, key figure in your sport part of a widespread match-fixing epidemic and your profit from throwing matches is a multiplied factor of (in his case) the entire tournament's winnings or (in Bung Woo Yong's) the entire season's top winnings, it's time to baby-and-bathwater the entire mess and shut it down.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We're going to have sports violence over homophobia and the like...


"Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw has been suspended for one game for making use of a homophobic slur during" last night's Game 4 against St. Louis.

He's also fined $5,000 and must undergo the dreaded (and ineffective) sensitivity training.

And it's not enough, especially if, as reports indicate, he did it to a referee.

Look.  It's obvious.  Something's going to go down because of homophobia and bigotry -- it's probably happening this year.

Someone's finally going to go off...

(And if it isn't that, the racial slurs went hot and heavy in St. Louis too at the Cardinal game.)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

You know it's getting sickening that FOX Sports has more balls than ESPN...

Curt Schilling has done it again.

Opened up his fat trap and exposed himself as a homophobic and transphobic whore, getting money from ESPN for some odd reason (the fact that ESPN probably agrees with his political views and airs the No F_____s League probably also has something to do with it).

This, what must be his fourth or so social media indiscretion, another one of those false "bathroom" dichotomies that the Rethuglipigs of this country are trumpeting -- never mind it was long since settled law before several states began openly disregarding the Constitution (as noted by a Federal court judge who (I believe yesterday or today!) struck down a prohibition in Virginia barring a transgendered student from a bathroom commensurate to their preferred gender).

And before I get any bigoted pigs:  Your fucking bullshit on the matter is not consistent with the God or catechism I was taught.  If God knew a transgender before (insert chosen gender here) was born, then He knew (and created!!!!) them as a transgender.  Period, end.  You got a problem with that?  Take it up with The Big Guy Upstairs.

And go fuck off, and that's Curt Schilling too.

Oh, and that title of this post?

My anonymous friend, who pointed this out to me (and has asked me to no longer use ESPN's services on this blog until Schilling is fired!), told me an interesting story from Deadspin.  (There is a Schilling piece on Deadspin, but I'm not dignifying the pig.)  (And I found it at Huntington Post first, here.)

You would think that, with Rupert Murdoch and the Republican leanings of the FOX corporation, they'd love Curt Schilling and the bathroom argument and all that shit.

Well, in 2013, Craig James (who I once heard on FOX Sports Radio for a period of time) was hired by FOX Sports Southwest for college football.

He lasted one game.


James was fired when homophobic rants surfaced when he ran for state Senate (and lost a special election), including one which said that GLBT's would "answer to the Lord" for their "choices")...




WE ALL ARE GOING TO DO SO!!  Every one of us!  Gay, straight, trans, black, white, Oriental, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, rich, poor, whatever the fuck have you!

Every one of us will "answer to the Lord".  And I've got news for the homo- and transphobes...

I'll lay you money there are a number of GLBT's who will see Heaven long before some of you will.

And if that sends me to Hell, I'll probably already see you when I get there.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

NASCAR Just Went Over The Line

We've got a problem in NECK-CAR.

I'm going to have to boycott future coverage of NASCAR.

And, when you see the locales of many of the races involved, you can almost see where this is going.

Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" gave the invocation tonight, and he called, in the prayer, for a "man of God" to be elected President in November.

Congratulations, NECK-CAR, you've finished the job and gone over to bigotry, hatred, and probably murder.  In doing so, this bearded piece of goddamned (intended wording!) excrement has endorsed Ted Cruz for all the world to see.

And by allowing this piece of shit a microphone, you have too.

And by allowing this piece of shit a microphone, you riled up the NASCAR fanatics that take their "number" over their country.  In a day and age where it is clear that the Republican party is trying to install an "anointed President" who will kill lesbians, gays, transgenders, and bisexuals (and all of their supporters) in the (purported) name of God.

And by allowing this piece of shit a microphone, you are enabling this whole movement of "The South Shall Rise Again".  This same "South" that now has two states which now have legalized discrimination against GLBT's -- which was settled law a long time ago (Texas sodomy decision, Obgerefell, etc. and so forth).

(Here's a hint:  Your arguments make no sense.  If you were really about "PROTECT THE CHILDREN!", I'd really love to bring you here to see what the children here in some parts of California have to deal with.)

So, guess what, NECK-CAR?  You're effectively about the level of Vladimir Putin and the Sochi Olympics.

And any GLBT who remains a fan of NASCAR now has to fall into the self-loathing category.

And any real American who remains a fan of NASCAR wants the Constitution torn up.

I really get the impression that the "South" wants a shooting war.

Keep sending the likes of what friends of mine call "Fuck Dynasty" to the fore, and you might well get one!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jerry Jones (and Vince McMahon) have lost their goddamned minds.

About half of the claimed 101,000 fans who saw tonight's Wrestlemania boondoggle couldn't get in the stadium in time for the start of the card (missing some of the main card and three pre-card matches to promote the WWE Network).

Many fans were pissed, some were forced to leave because of the heat!

The stadium claimed the wi-fi was down, but later, both the stadium and the WWE claimed it was due to increased security measures (probably instituted because the "face" man the WWE wants us to have as our champion, no one wants because he's been rammed down our throats -- even MORE SO than John Cena!!  So he wins the championship again anyway!!).

You've lost your mind, Vince -- time to fucking go.

And to Jerry Jones, they need to take any large-scale events away from you now -- you've fucked up the ticketing for both the Super Bowl AND Wrestlemania!

(Deadspin, hat-tip to my anonymous friend)

Friday, March 25, 2016

The South is Rising Again, To New Levels of Bigotry

And we are about to see how two sports leagues in this country are different in regards to how they view LGBTs:

First, Georgia, their "religious liberty" law, and the NFL *cough* looking into it.

The NFL, according to Deadspin, has "warned" the Atlanta Falcons that, should Georgia pass a "religious liberty" law, they won't host a Super Bowl.  The law would prohibit governmental penalty for denial of services on the basis of legitimate religious belief.

Put shortly, it's an anti-LGBT bill, and the No F_____s League is smoke-and-blustering it, stating it is inclusive (when it is not!!!) and pressuring the Falcons to tell the governor not to sign it.  (The bill flew through Georgia's legislature.)

Now, yesterday, the NBA enters the fray, in North Carolina.

Their governor just signed House Bill 2, prohibiting local cities in the state from passing laws protecting LGBTs from discrimination.

Charlotte, the home of the Bobcats, passed such a law, but the state bill trumps it.

Charlotte, as of right now, is scheduled to host the next NBA All-Star Game.

But, in the face of:
  • The Donald Sterling situation and Adam Silver's handling of it.
  • The NBA's work with "It Gets Better".
  • The NBA's acceptance of gay players (up to and including even salutes by visiting fans -- which see the ovation Jason Collins received...  in Los Angeles!!)
  • The PSA the NBA did a number of years back, condemning the use of homophobic slurs as insults...
I think the NBA will do the right thing and pressure the situation properly.  Either NC reverses, or the festivities get moved.

Another sacrifice to the National Religion...

Kevin Turner.  ALS.

One of the lead plaintiffs in the concussion lawsuit.  Major brain-study subject on a possible link between CTE (now admitted to have large-scale ties to football) and ALS.

Gone.  46.  ALS battle for six years.

Another "success story" for the NFL.